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A fashion collection of delighting,original
and creative designs of the Supreme Master Ching Hai.

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The red and gold SM logo is woven into all the fashions. Red symbolizes the physical body and the gold symbolizes the radiant Kingdom of God within. The fabrics for the garments are hand-picked by Master Ching Hai herself, and each is carefully lined for comfort.

The signature innovations for these designs is the revealing of the bright inner lining through the outer fabric. This gives the ethereal impression that the clothing shines from within. And even when the outer fabric is plain, they become beautiful with the luminescent material within. This is to remind us that our inner brilliance is the source of our true beauty.

Designed by Supreme Master Ching Hai

Genesis of S.M. Celestial Clothes

In response to repeated requests from Her disciples, the Supreme Master Ching Hai, a spiritual teacher well known to the world for imparting the Quan Yin Method, began to design fashion clothing to address the needs of the public. Exhibited for the first time in Chicago in February 1994, Her designs were favorably received by the public at large. The success continued in the S.M. Celestial Clothes Fashion Shows, which took place in world renowned fashion design centers such as New York, London, Paris and Milan from April through May, 1995. It was at this time that Her designs were first named the "S.M. Celestial Clothes" and their logo and trade mark created and registered. The S.M. Celestial Clothes fashion series now comprises hundreds of exquisite designs, each of which is a mesmerizing embodiment of beauty appealing to the public and fashion designers alike.

In the S.M. Celestial Clothes logo, the S.M. stands for Supreme Master, signifying the Supreme Master power within everyone. The logo is an interweaving of red and gold colors. The red symbolizes the physical body. The gold represents the radiant Buddha Nature or the Kingdom of God within. This eye-catching logo is woven onto each piece of S.M. Celestial Clothing as an integral part of the design, reminding us to pursue the spiritual path and realize our inherent noble nature.

The Supreme Master Ching Hai has never received training in fashion design, yet with boundless love and wisdom, She has instilled vitality and originality into Her creations. She has also demonstrated a creative use of design principles, which include:

Choice of Fabrics

Ever since the first series of Celestial Clothes, which were primarily made from cotton and linen, the Supreme Master Ching Hai has gradually broadened Her choice of fabrics to include velvet, metallic Lurex in Her more recent designs. Made mostly from natural materials to better outline the beauty of the human body, S.M. Celestial Clothes tend to combine light summer cloth with heavier winter textiles, embodying the essence of Eastern philosophy which seeks to harmonize opposites such as yin and yang, or firmness and flexibility.

Composition of Lines

The Supreme Master Ching Hai expertly uses princess line, high waistline and other design techniques to enhance the beauty of the body line. The collars, pockets and hemlines are often arc-shaped to emphasize perfection and harmony.

Combination of Colors

The Supreme Master Ching Hai prefers to use bright colors. If black is necessary at all, a shinier, more saturated shade is chosen. When using Chiffon as the base fabric, for example, most designers prefer to combine different shades of a dark color, but the Supreme Master Ching Hai does exactly the opposite by selecting a light color. In addition, the linings tend to outshine the outer layers of the clothing, with an intention to emphasize the true radiance that comes from within. The use of contrasting colors is yet another aspect of the Supreme Master Ching Hai's esthetic expression. Examples include a long green skirt with a light blue lining to create brightness and vigor, and an ocean-blue dress with a white lining to signify purity.

With wisdom enough to encompass the whole universe, the Supreme Master Ching Hai freely explores the world of fashion design, bringing to reality a series of wonders which are too profound in meaning for worldly minds to comprehend, and which are too ethereal in esthetics for human language to express. Through the S.M. Celestial Clothes, the Supreme Master Ching Hai is not only beautifying this physical world, but is also helping to deliver messages from heaven.

Upon opening your mind and concentrating wholeheartedly on this celestial blessing, you will surely perceive an abundance of spiritual inspirations from them.

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Fashion Inspiration - S.M. Celestial Clothes
A fashion collection of delighting, original and creative designs of Supreme Master Ching Hai, the 6 & 7 series.
Available as a combined language edition in Chinese/English.


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