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Songs & Compositions of the Supreme Master Ching Hai
Collection of Master singing Her own original compositions of spiritual songs
DVD and Videotape No. 389, also available on CD
Languages: Aulacese, Chinese and English


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"Since there are scarcely any songs out there of this nature, I especially did these for you practitioners."

"I wrote some songs talking from God's standpoint. Not from human standpoint. Because most of us writing songs, even holy songs, just like writing from our own standpoint, never write from God's standpoint. We are just beggers all the time: 'Oh, please help this!', 'Oh, please bless me!', 'Oh, please these and that...' Others: 'Oh, I'm lost without You!', or: 'He is the Great One!', 'He is these and that...' I'm writing these musics all from God's standpoint. God speaks to Hiers children."

With the exception of the first song, the rest came from a collection of the Master's extempore singing. It was a response to the request of fellow initiates. The stereo equipment were insufficient on those occasions, and Master never practiced beforehand. Owing to the busy scheduled lecture tour, Master didn't have enough time to rest. Therefore Her rich and mellow voice could not be fully presented. Because of the earnest request of fellow initiates, Supreme Master Ching Hai kindly permits this collection of songs to be published as memorial of the beautiful recollections between Master and disciples. The following songs are all written and composed by the Master.


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Farewell Song
Go! Go! Go!
I will forever love you
My Love
*Remember Me when the rain falls
*The Ocean of Love
*The Supreme Master

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