Vegetarian Era  

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Eminent Scientists and Inventors on Vegetarianism

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Presenting a New Focus on Health, Environmentalism and Animal Welfare

Vegetarianism and the Path to Compassion

Victor’s Picnic with the Vegetarian Animals Encourages Children to Be Vegetarian


Vegetarian Era

We should respect all life that’s in the creative plan of God. We can see for ourselves that all life resists suffering, resists death. If we kill or see an animal killed we notice that they suffer and try to run away, meaning that God empowers them with the instinct to want to live. So if we interfere and take their life away, we interfere with God’s will. Thus, we should treat every being as we ourselves would like to be treated. Then our lives will be blessed with grace, longevity and wisdom.

From “Respect all Life and Your Life will be Blessed”
News 162, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
House of Journalism, Panama • November 29, 1989
(Originally in English) Videotape #106

Meat is the cause of all wars and suffering in this world, as well as that of your personal self. To refrain from eating meat is to contribute to peace on this planet, because in this way we terminate the cause of killing. Therefore, we will not reap the results of being killed, or being wounded.

From “Vegetarianism and Peace”
News 102, Master’s Words
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Montreal, Canada
April 17, 1993
(Originally in English)


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