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Permission to reproduce any of The Supreme Master Ching Hai publications or materials is granted only for the use of sharing the Master's message of Truth and not for endorsement of personal products or any other profit making endeavors. To obtain the prerequisite permission, please complete the application form, including the sample layouts (preferably in PDF format with a resolution of 70 to 100 dpi), and send: by email to: by fax to: 1-801-7409196 (USA) or by post to: P.O. Box 9, Hsihu, Miaoli, Formosa ROC or P.O. Box 730247, San Jose, CA 95173-0247 USA Reproduction Guidelines: To reproduce The Supreme Master Ching Hai material into newspapers, books, magazines or other publications, the article must be printed in its entirety. Excerpts from different sources may not be pasted together or material taken out of context with the original statements. The complete reference citation must be included with the article. To design fliers or other materials to promote the teachings of The Supreme Master Ching Hai, it is best to quote text from The Supreme Master Ching Hai Sample Booklets, News magazines, or other official books published by the Association. Regarding The Supreme Master Ching Hai’s photos, only those released by the Association, or those printed on the covers or the color pages of The Supreme Master Ching Hai publications may be used. The cover of the Sample Booklets in your local language is preferable and highly recommended. The Supreme Master Ching Hai photographs /artistic creations/ SM logo may not be altered in any manner without permission from the Association’s headquarters. This includes use of color enhancements, superimposition of graphics, imagery, 3-Dimensional effects, rotation, animation and other graphic technique. All copies or layouts must include the following acknowledgement: “Copyright ЉThe Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association. All rights reserved.” *All sample booklets are available for download on the following URL sites. Should you need image files of higher resolution, please contact our headquarters. http://www.Godsdirectcontact.org/sample/ (U.S.A.) http://www.Godsdirectcontact.org.tw/eng/publication/sample/sample.htm (Formosa) http://www.Direkter-Kontakt-mit-Gott.org/booklet (Austria) Application Form CONTACT INFORMATIONYour company/organization name:Name of person to be contacted:Address:Phone:Fax:Email:Your meditation Center:Contact Person of your meditation Center:PUBLICATION INFORMATIONPurpose of use:The number of copies to be made:Place of use (city/country):Expected date of publication:Complete reference of all material cited: (attach a list if the citations are many)Source of image files:If you need higher resolution image files from our headquarters, please specify the resolution and size of the images required:Special conditions: (Please include any special conditions regarding your request):Please attach a sample layout. If the file size will be too big to be sent by e-mail, please inform us. Signature:________________________________Date: _______________________ OPЪЫYZ|ŽЕИщъ_ b l m u Š ” › œ Ѕ ЁЂИЭьэя"%)*,235LOxy”ЃІЦЧЩхш2єытзтзтзтзтЪтЪЛтзтзтзтзтзтзДЋІЋЋЋЋ›ЋыЋЋ›ЋЋ›ЋЋ›ЋB*OJQJo(phOJQJB*OJQJph B*RHШphB*OJPJQJmHphsHB*OJQJmHphsHB*OJQJo(phB*OJQJphB*OJQJphB*CJOJQJph<7OPŽ}~1`ŽЕИщъZ L p Ї C D у §§јяјящщщщщщщчхчзззззЩч„h&d PЦџ ^„h & F&d PЦџ „р`„р$„р`„рa$$a$§у fЁІИЬЭэю§§ѓююшŽˆ…… $$Ifa$Z$$If–4ж”3ж№t"€„!ж0џџџџџџіжџжџжџжџ4ж aі $If$a$ &d PЦџ  юя“ˆŠŠ $$Ifa$k$$If–ж”3ж0№є t" €ж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџжџџжџџ4ж aі “,ŠŠ $$Ifa$k$$If–ж”2ж0№є t" €ж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџжџџжџџ4ж aі #$’$‰‰ $$Ifa$m$$If–4ж”oж0№є t" €ж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџжџџжџџ4ж aі $%*+“ŠŠ $$Ifa$k$$If–ж”3ж0№є t" €ж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџжџџжџџ4ж aі +,34“$ŠŠ $$Ifa$k$$If–ж”2ж0№є t" €ж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџжџџжџџ4ж aі 45MN“hŠŠ $$Ifa$k$$If–ж”3ж0№є t" €ж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџжџџжџџ4ж aі NOfyz“АŠŠŠ $$Ifa$k$$If–ж”2ж0№є t" €ж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџжџџжџџ4ж aі z{“”Є“d3H* $$Ifa$Z$$If–4ж”2ж№t"€„!ж0џџџџџџіжџжџжџжџ4ж aі $Ifk$$If–ж”3ж0№є t" €ж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџжџџжџџ4ж aі ЄЅІЧШіŠŒііk$$If–ж”3ж0№0 t"@ Dж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџжџџжџџ4ж aі  $$Ifa$ШЩцч“|ŠŠ $$Ifa$k$$If–ж”2ж0№0 t"@ Dж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџжџџжџџ4ж aі чш“€ŠŠ $$Ifa$k$$If–ж”3ж0№0 t"@ Dж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџжџџжџџ4ж aі 2\]“XŠŠŠ $$Ifa$k$$If–ж”2ж0№0 t"@ Dж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџжџџжџџ4ж aі 2[^twіїљ  LOЖЗИєырныиєыЭФП B*phB*OJQJphB*OJQJo(phOJQJCJB*CJOJQJphB*OJQJphB*CJOJQJph]^uv“dŠŠ $$Ifa$k$$If–ж”3ж0№0 t"@ Dж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџжџџжџџ4ж aі vwїј’‰‰ $$Ifa$m$$If–4ж”2ж0№0 t"@ Dџџџџж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџџџџжџџжџџ4ж aі јљ 4MN’X‰‰‰‰ $$Ifa$m$$If–4ж”3ж0№0 t"@ Dџџџџж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџџџџжџџжџџ4ж aі NOЗИ’Є‰/Z$$If–4ж”3ж№t"„!ж0џџџџџџіжџжџжџжџ4ж aі  $$Ifa$m$$If–4ж”2ж0№0 t"@ џџџџDџџџџџџџџж0џџџџџџіжџџжџџџџџжџџџџџџџџжџџ4ж aі ИЙюю$„Ш§&d PЦџ ]„Ш§a$4&P 1h2PА‚. 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