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No Need to Have Illusion about Master’s Physical Body

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Sydney, Australia • May 10, 1997
(Originally in English)

Again and again, I tell you, I’m a very simple person. There’s no need to have illusion about me; I’m just like you. Whatever I have, you have. It’s just that you have not discovered completely. That’s your problem. But don’t make a big deal out of my person; I am just like you, really, I live just the way you do. Don’t make it too fantasizing, fairylike, all kinds of things.

Do I have anything different from you? I don’t understand why you have illusion about me so much. I have seen quite a few of those so-called masters and all those very big personages. I never felt afraid, nervous or anything; I just felt pleasant and honored to be able to see a person who is supposed to be so kind, so holy. If they are, then I’m very happy to meet such a person. Just like I am happy to meet many of you, many times, because I suppose you are very holy, very saintly. That’s it, no less, no more.

It’s just that we don’t always have a chance and time to see each other for too long, or have a personal talk because we have to expand. It’s our purpose in this group, in our meditation or in our Quan Yin family. It’s not to know each other personally, have a chitchat, or feel very close, personally tied, but to develop our own mastership, our own wisdom. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if I’m close to you personally or not. I’m not here to make a personal acquaintance or friendship with you. It is just to show you that you are the master. I show you the way to find your own mastership. You regain your wisdom. That is our purpose. Therefore, it doesn’t matter, even though regrettably we do not have time to have tea or talk friendly together the way two friends should, because we know each other inside. Our purpose is not to gain your confidence or your friendship personally, to make you feel that I’m good, I’m very friendly, that you can approach me, or that I’m approachable.

So don’t ever feel hurt, or fantasize that you can talk to me personally or make a friendship personally. That’s not necessary. It’s not our purpose. It’s not the purpose of our life to make a real friendship with anyone, because our friend is God. Our friend is the Master power inside. So whoever can show us that, is fine. It’s good enough already. No need to be attached to any person’s physical being. What I mean is, don’t fantasize too much and lose touch with reality.

I’m just another woman, and perhaps a little wiser one. The one who has found, regained, some of Her wisdom or maybe all of Her wisdom, whatever it is. But She is just another woman, like every other one. That woman can gain the same, and you can gain the same, sooner or later. Maybe already has, maybe going to be, may already has gained half, maybe two-thirds. It’s the same. Just because I started the business, everyone just fixed me in that position of a leader. No, I’m just a guide, the one who walks before. But I don’t have to always walk before. If you can walk past me, just go.

All this important treatment, I cannot bear. I really cannot. It suffocates me. I’m sorry if it sounds ungrateful, but it really does. I know you don’t mean it. I know you mean well, and you respect me, you love me. No need to make so important, fuss and waste a lot of time and energy for me personally. I don’t enjoy all that. I enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. Please know again that I’m very simple. Don’t waste your time and energy doing things that I don’t even appreciate; I don’t even need. I’m a very simple person, believe me. I don’t even have time to live a complicated life. I don’t even have time to enjoy most of the things that you give me, even if you want to give. I’m lucky if I can sleep, if I can meditate well, if I can have some peace in my heart without people troubling me from outside, from inside. So, peace is the food I need.


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