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“Masters are those who remember their origin and, out of love, share this knowledge with whomever seeks it, and take no pay for their work. They offer all their time, finance and energy to the world. When we reach this level of mastership, not only do we know our origin, but we can also help others to know their true worth. Those who follow the direction of a Master, quickly find themselves in a new world, full of true knowledge, true beauty and true virtues. All beauty, knowledge and virtue in the outside world is there to remind us of the true world inside. The shadow, however beautiful, is never as good as the real object itself. Only the real thing can satisfy our soul, which is the Master of the house.”

From “Bring Heaven into Your Life”
News 28, Spot Light
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Berlin, Germany • May 4, 1993
(originally in German) Videotape No. 368

Supreme Master Ching Hai has come to guide you Home, to the true world of Light and Love, the Heavenly Kingdom within. She has not come to make you Her disciple, but to help you to become the master of yourself!


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