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Immediate Enlightenment

Q: What is immediate enlightenment? I don’t know.

M: Enlightenment implies light. When anyone helps you to see Light from heaven immediately, that is called immediate enlightenment. That’s what we help people to do. When people can see Light or hear the heavenly music it means the message of God. It’s what is called the Word in the Bible: ...and the Word was God, and the Word was with God... Remember? The Word, that is what we can hear from God. The moment we hear that, it is called the moment of enlightenment.

It’s difficult to hear that, the Word from God, the message from God; difficult to see Light. Nevertheless some people see them, in deep prayer, in deep sorrow or in a blackout kind of situation where they contact with the higher world instead of this physical world. But rarely. So when you cannot see the Light or hear the message of God yourself, you find someone who can help you to do it quicker. That is called the process of seeking the Truth, seeking the teacher. Whoever can help you to see the Light and hear the Sound immediately, that is a so-called spiritual teacher.

From “Love Is The Only Religion”
News 80, Selected Questions & Answers
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
An interview by Ms. Helen Stone from KLOE Radio Station
with Supreme Master Ching Hai at the Quan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant,
Houston, Texas, USA
November 14, 1993
(originally in English)

Host: You know, Master Ching Hai, there is something when people read Your literature — and not many people in Santa Barbara are acquainted with You and Your work as in other parts of the country. They say we study the Quan Yin Method, which You teach; and You have the key to immediate enlightenment. And that is one of my main questions for You: Is that possible? What does that mean — the key to immediate enlightenment?

Master: It’s possible. Everything is possible as long as we find out the correct way. It’s just like any other science, if we find out the correct combination of certain chemicals, then we find the right reaction to certain things, to create certain substances. Similarly, there is enlightenment already within ourselves. As we all know, we carne from the Kingdom of God and God is the only one that created the world and ourselves. So if we find out where we can contact this God-power or the Kingdom of God within ourselves, or what we call Buddha nature, whatever you may name it, then it is immediate because we already have it there. It’s just like in our pocket.

H: So in your estimation, enlightenment is not reserved for the few people who have been sort of practicing Zen or been monks in Christian monasteries forever. You feel that anyone — the man and woman in the street — can gain instant enlightenment.

M: Can. Everyone can provided they sincerely want it, want to find out who they are.

H: How is that done?

M: It’s just like you know how to operate a radio station. You know which button to turn on so that you can introduce your program to people. And the people at home who know how to tune into your radio program, then can receive. Very easy!

H: So you feel the Quan Yin Method of mediation opens the key to enlightenment for people?

M: Yes, the key of enlightenment is within us. It’s just that we forget how to use it. And now if the so-called teacher or the spiritual friend show us how, then it happens instantly.

H: What is the Quan Yin Method?

M: I started in Formosa and people ask me about the method. I just didn’t know what to tell them, because the method is a kind of abstract thing, is God-power, is not something that we can put into words. So, I just depend on the outcome of the so-called method; I tell them it’s Quan Yin. Quan Yin in Chinese means contemplating on the inner God’s word, or God’s vibration, or God’s power, or God’s energy because it vibrates within all of us. And especially human beings are able to receive that by their so-called super-sensory sense.

H: You know, there is a very beautiful eleventh century Bodhisattva from China here in the Santa Barbara Museum, which is the “Quan Yin Bodhisattva”. She is the largest figure in the museum. Is that related to the Quan Yin Method in that she is the Goddess of Mercy?

M: It’s not directly related right now; but it is also, because she is the one who practiced this so-called “Quan Yin Method” to become an enlightened being. And therefore she can even hear all the sounds of the universe, all the suffering sounds of the people, and help them. That’s how she got the name “Quan Yin”, because of contemplating on the sound. When we contemplate the same thing, we can reach the same power as she has, sooner or later. But, we do have a little bit to begin with immediately; that’s why we call it immediate enlightenment.

From “Spiritual Moment Together”
News 45, Spot Light
Supreme Master Ching Hai was invited to
a live telephone interview by KQSB Radio Station
California, USA
March 17, 1995
(originally in English)

The universal brotherhood is a vast, beautiful network of intelligence, and we are a part of it. And if any part of this network is in trouble, the whole network is kind of delayed in its function and effect. So we need to fix that part and then everything will be all right.

I’m here not only to serve you; I’m here to serve myself because I also belong to you, and I know through my meditation practice that I’m one with you. The essence within you and the essence within me, without this body, become one together like the ocean. But we are separated for now, just like the bottle that separates the ocean water inside from the ocean outside that’s floating around it.

Similarly, the body creates the illusion of separation between us, but during the course of daily meditation you and I will see that we are all one. And then we’re also one with God because we are made of God, and Hes just clothes us with these material “suits” so that we can play out our part to make this creation colorful and versatile in all respects. But once we’ve done our job in this world, we can go back Home, and that’s the urge within us that lets us know our time is up, that we can go Home now or that maybe we’ll wait until the next life or the next century. Since you are God yourself, the God within you will of course decide. I’m only here for the ones who are ready.

So there’s no push, no force, no hurry on my part. It’s just that when you are ready, we are standing by to help. Not only my elder brothers and sisters and I are standing by, the whole universal power is standing by: God is standing by; all the angels are standing by. Once we decide to go Home, we have a whole bunch of escorts, which I’ll also show you. If you follow my road, you’ll see them on the road yourself because this planet, this physical creation is not the only one. We have many mansions in the home of God, and all these mansions are full of beings, wonderful beings like us or even more wonderful in some ways. They’re more knowledgeable, and they’ll assist us when we travel on our journey back Home.

It’s a very, very wonderful journey, and anyone who travels enjoys it immensely. And we enjoy it more because it makes our life even better here on this planet. It not only leads us toward spiritual improvement, it assists us in material respects as well so that our life becomes more abundant and the things we need fly to us, literally sometimes, the way we want them, without even having to utter a word of prayer. This is because I’ll show you God, and God is connected with you during the so-called transmission, the re-kindling or re-initiation.

Then, Hes and you are connected; you can become one, and what you want is what Hes wants. Hes will know what you want. Hes already knows what you want; it's just that we’ve forgotten how to listen to Hiers commands or how to listen to Hiers advice. So we don't know what Hes instructs us to do to solve this problem or that dilemma. It's not that God doesn't answer our prayers; it's just that our telephone line to Heaven is temporarily cut off or displaced.

All I do is help you to plug it back in, to fix it and then we can be right there with Heaven again. We call this process “immediate enlightenment” because that's what it is: Within just seconds, you will see the Light. You might see Heaven, you might talk to Jesus, you might see God or you might converse with the ancient Masters and gain direct knowledge of Heaven. I’m just here to reconnect your phone line.

From “A Wonderful Journey with Universal Support”
News 162, Master’s Words
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
June 5, 1999
(originally in English) DVD #648


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