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Why Practice Meditation and Find God?

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Why Practice Meditation and Find God?

We are all visitors on this planet. We’re all passers-by. We’re all tourists in this wonderland; and one day we’ll all have to go Home. No one can stay forever, and everyone knows that. Including myself, I think I’ll live forever. We all have this illusionary dream about eternity. In fact, the body cannot endure eternity because it is made of perishable materials. One day it will perish. But life continues forever, doesn’t matter where and how. So make sure we remember this; or else after we die, we will find out too late.

It’s not late for you because you already know the secret of eternal life. Without this secret no one can ever walk over the threshold of life and death and be free. That is the wisdom since ancient times. No one can change that. Just like clouds, no one can change them. Just like water, it’s the way it is, no one can change it.

So there is the law of crossing birth and death, that is the Quan Yin Method. If we don’t know that, too bad, no one can help us. That is the only secret and the most important secret that every being should know. But sadly most beings don’t know. That is why the world is suffering like it is and has continued so since time immemorial. That is why the Master, the messenger of the Truth of God will always have to come here again and again, in order to suffer with them, then to lift them back to where they should belong, and lead them back to their House, to their original place where they can be safe and happy forever.

From “We Are Only Visitors In This World”
News 86, Master Tells Stories
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hsihu Center, Formosa
February 20, 1996
(originally in English)

Q: What is the real practical purpose in our everyday life of following this meditation? Where will you lead us?

M: Yes, you see, because we don’t use our complete wisdom, therefore we have a lot of anxiety, and we do things in sometimes not a sure way. And we are unhappy sometimes, and we feel many external pressures, and also frightened of situations. So, therefore we are not peaceful and stable sometimes, doesn’t matter which position or how much money we have. So if we find this greatest wisdom inside. We can do things better, clearer and we are more happy, stable, peaceful. So that is good for daily life already. Also we love others more unconditionally. All hatred and envy falls away.

From News 37, Selected Questions And Answers
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
March 30, 1993
(originally in English)

Q: How can we know our purpose, be sure what our purpose is? When others ask, can we help them know their purpose in life? What work are we personally meant to do here?

M: I have mentioned somewhere already that we are here to bless the world and to know our greatness. When we know our greatness, we are one with the whole universal cosmic power. And whoever comes in contact with us also has the blessing from this universal cosmic power. The earth will get more developed as more people like us practice and bless the world quietly with our spiritual merit and wisdom. That's our purpose. Otherwise, what else do you think? Are we here just to eat two or three meals a day, have a few children, and then kaput? That's not the true purpose anyhow! It would not be logical for God to take so much trouble to create us, then put us here for a few decades and let us die in misery, sometimes with cancer, agony, disasters, earthquakes, and so on. This is not logical.

So, the purpose of human life is to know God. Knowing God means knowing our own greatness, knowing the whole cosmic power of which we ourselves are a part. Even when we say a part, it's a whole, you see. For example, if my finger is cut off, then it's only one finger. But when it is attached to my body, it becomes one of the parts of my body, it belongs to my body. Even though I say it's a part of my body, actually it is also the whole of my body. Therefore, we are part of the cosmic power, but we're also the whole, if we are connected again. The little gap in between is reconnected at the time of initiation. We turn inward, we tune inward, we plug in, and then we are whole with the universe. Therefore, we bless anyone who comes around, without having to lay a hand on them or do anything to them. Anyone we sympathize with or share blood lines with, they are saved or are blessed in some form or another. It depends on their karma, and it depends on our love for them.

From “Evolution”
News 115, Selected Questions & Answers
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Brisbane, Australia
March 22, 1993
(originally in English)

After initiation, we still have to renew our connection with God again and again, or else we’ll suffer from the illusion of being less than children of God. So we each have to be reminded again because every day we spend about eighteen to twenty hours in the world, where everyone else in society, even our friends and relatives, remind us that we’re mere mortals, that we’re weak, we’re physical, we’re nothing. So we have to spend at least two-and-a-half hours, one tenth of our time, reminding ourselves, “No, no: I’m God’s child. I’m a spiritual being; I’m great.” That’s the time we spend reminding ourselves, counteracting the world’s pressure so that we don’t let people convince us that we’re merely weak human beings; that’s why we have to meditate each day. Otherwise once you get initiated, that would be enough; you’d be Buddha: finished, final.

From “We Have to Keep Renewing Our Connection with God”
News 150, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Four-day Retreat, London, UK
August 27, 1997
(originally in English) Videotape #595


The Five Precepts

1. Refrain from taking the life of sentient beings

2. Refrain from speaking what is not true

3. Refrain from taking what is not offered

4. Refrain from sexual misconduct

5. Refrain from the use of intoxicants

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