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The Quan Yin Method

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The Quan Yin Method

Why do we practice the Quan Yin Method? It is because we want to understand everything in the universe. Beyond the physical light of this sun, there is a greater, brighter, and more beautiful Light. Beyond our worldly languages, there is a greater and more beautiful Language. When we have learned this Language, this Sound, we will understand all languages, including human languages, as well as those spoken by all sentient beings.

From News 112, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hsihu Center, Formosa
September 3, 1989
(originally in Chinese)

It takes a sincere heart to stay on the path, because outside temptation is very great. I know sometimes you fail, but then you can come back and start over again. You can go out shopping, spiritual shopping, but then you will have to come back, because I know of no other better way for you. I have shopped all over the world. If there were another better way for you, I would have bought it earlier for you at an expensive price. Because I have spent my pocket money and my time running around, searching for a method of enlightenment or a Master. I have searched, I have tried, I have done zazen, I have done zen zen, I have done yoga, and I have done all kinds of things. I have even eaten one meal a day, and have sat many hours with my eyes open in case I fell asleep, and done all kinds of trying. I have called on all the saints, until there were no more saints to be called upon. And I’ve repeated all the mantras that you can talk about, that you can name, that you have heard of. I have bowed to them until my knees were shaking like autumn leaves. And I have gone all over the place on pilgrimages, seeking blessing and enlightenment. I have done all in my power to learn the best way to liberation. And this is the one I have selected, and it suits everyone, from children to adults, old to young. But this way is not for everyone that is for sure. Even though we are open to everyone, not everyone comes. Because it is not the outside performance. It is not only my teachings that attracts people, it is not only my appearance or my personality, it is their longing souls that are important.

From “By Their Fruits They Shall be Known”
News 116, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
February 27, 1992
(originally in English)

We should practice spiritually, otherwise it will be a great pity and we will be pathetic! Even if we become a king or a Brahma (lord) within the first three realms, nobody will save us or make us offerings after we die. We will leave empty-handed. At that time we will feel very frustrated, and lonely without company. Therefore, I feel sorry for those people who do not practice spiritually! Every time I think of them, I cry. Once they fall, it takes unthinkably long periods of time-trillions of years-before they can rise again. It is not that easy. And when they come up here again, they do not necessarily come in human form at once. Even if they do, they may not necessarily be able to hear the name of a Master, or find a Master who can offer them protection, love, care, guidance, and comfort, or hold their hands and pull them higher. It is not easy to find that kind of Master.

Those of us who practice the Quan Yin Method can leave when the time comes, even when we are sick. However, when we leave, we already have insurance and a place that we can depend on. We have the protection of an omnipotent insurance company (audience laughs and applauds). This is the safest way. Those who do not practice the Quan Yin Method leave in a flash. There is not enough time for God and the Saints to come and save them. Their souls do not have a place to depend on.

However, we who practice the Quan Yin Method feel very safe. Even if we fall ill, we need not be anxious. We know that there is no problem. Our souls are calm and peaceful. I do not know how to explain in words why we feel so at peace. Our minds do not know, but our wisdom does. Our souls know. We feel great. Therefore, even if we cannot avoid karmic retribution or fixed karma, we do have insurance. So we have no problem.

For example, when we drive, we know that we may have a traffic accident. Our car may be damaged. Hundreds of thousands of dollars may be gone in a flash, or we may sustain injuries. However, because we have insurance, we dare to drive, even cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. When accidents occur, the insurance company will make reimbursements, which are sometimes higher than the costs or losses incurred.

Our omnipotent Quan Yin insurance company is more powerful and beneficial than that! Hence, even if our “vehicle” breaks down, we are not afraid. After a while, we receive full compensation. We have another body, a better instrument, excellent clothing, a better residence, and a better world for us to enjoy. It is not that we have nothing when we lose this world. There is a better world waiting for us. That is why we feel very happy and safe. Our souls know. Inside they surely know.

Hence, it takes trillions of eons before we have a chance to become acquainted with the Quan Yin Method. If we do not cherish this opportunity, even God cannot save us when Hes comes. It is really like this!

From “Omnipotent Quan Yin Insurance”
News 122, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Pingtung, Formosa
November 2, 1988
(originally in Chinese)


The Five Precepts

1. Refrain from taking the life of sentient beings

2. Refrain from speaking what is not true

3. Refrain from taking what is not offered

4. Refrain from sexual misconduct

5. Refrain from the use of intoxicants

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