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News 54, Master's Wonders

Mysterious Divine Light!

By San Jose News Group, U.S.A.
(originally in English)

The San Jose Meditation Center is located on a vast wooded hill. Our neighbors have told us that this area has not been disturbed by civilization. There are big trees over a hundred years old next to exposed granite rocks; and in the springtime, the whole area is covered with multi-colored flowers. The mysterious and divine atmosphere of the area is also reflected in our hearts. Master has truly given the San Jose practitioners a "Buddha Land" full of spiritual vibration.

Early one morning, after coming down the hill where we did our meditation, because the meditation hall was not yet ready, we were greeted cheerfully by one of our American neighbors. He asked if we saw anything up on the hill. We replied that we had not. He proceeded to recount the following story to us.

He said that in the early morning, while he was out checking his horses, he saw a bright light radiating down from the sky onto our property. He had never seen a light of such intensity before. It was so bright and crystal clear that he had the sensation of being lifted from the earth.

At first, he thought that it was the headlight of a police helicopter shining down, but this light was a thousand times brighter. Furthermore, the sound roaring from the sky was not that of a helicopter because it was rather diffused and warm. To record the miraculous phenomenon, he rushed into his house, grabbed his video camera, and rushed back outside. But when he came back outside, the light vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.

In the morning he recounted that event to his wife and children. They were happily surprised.

He thought the light may have been a manifestation of Jesus, and asked us what we thought of the phenomenon. One of us replied, "Congratulations!" and then we said our goodbyes to our neighbor. We left full of joy and we were thankful for our Master's love and power.

Around the last week of September 1995, we had a special group meditation one evening with a Quan Yin messenger while she was visiting the San Jose Meditation Center. To keep the meditation room quiet, some practitioners who felt the urge to cough voluntarily went outside to continue meditating. Among them was our young fellow initiate Ma. Around the end of the meditation, all the practitioners who were meditating outside saw a bright light in the sky radiating down onto our meditation center, just like the one our neighbor had seen previously. The light moved from the meditation hall to the library to the children's hall, and then back to the meditation hall. It then disappeared.

Ma recounted to us, emotionally and in all seriousness, the incident that she and the other fellow practitioners had seen with their own eyes. Her face gleamed so that it seemed to still reflect the divine light. We were so happy that we almost burst into tears.


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