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Master’s Wonders


Master’s Wonders


Mysterious Divine Light!
By San Jose News Group, U.S.A.

Master and Disciples are Joined at Heart
Narrated by Fellow Initiates Chen and Lin, Tainan, Formosa
Recorded by Tainan News Group, Formosa

Experience of "All Creations are One"
By sister-initiate Rachel Sumner, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

The Air-Ticket Miracle
By a Quan Yin messenger

All Beings Have the God Nature
By Wild Grass

The Fire-resistant Photo
By a Quan Yin messenger

God's Arrangement
By a Quan Yin messenger

The Story of Mr. Tan
By sister-initiate Linda, Australia

A Mountain Episode: Master's Miracles of Love
Written by Han Yun

Haven of Peace
By sister-initiate Aimee, Byron, Northern River, Australia

Keeping Calamity at Bay
By sister-initiate Wu, New Jersey, U.S.A.
By sister-initiate Chou, New York, U.S.A.

Eyeglasses from Master
By sister-initiate Lili, Sweden

My “Car Blessing”
By sister-initiate Jin, Mainland China

A Lecture by Transformation Master
By fellow initiate Dai, Mainland China

Master Arranges Everything on My Spiritual Path
Narrated by a fellow initiate from Mainland China
Recorded by the China News Group

A Most Brilliant and Sacred Ritual
By brother-initiate Arka, Jakarta, Indonesia

Walking on the Golden Path
By sister-initiate Raffaella D'Agostino, London, U.K.

The Saga of Blackie
By sister-initiate Park So-Yeon, Seoul, Korea

A Shining Example of Sacrifice
By sister-initiate Thu Hong Nguyen, Sydney, Australia

Walking on the Golden Path
By sister-initiate Raffaella D'Agostino, London, U.K.


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