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News 125, Master's Wonders

Haven of Peace

By sister-initiate Aimee, Byron, Northern River, Australia
(originally in English)

On a recent trip out West with fellow college students, a situation occurred that illuminated Master's omnipresent, loving care.

Camping in a field on the edge of a town we were traveling near, I found myself alone one night. (The other students were in town.) As I prepared for bed, a storm blew in with such force that it threatened to lift and collapse my tent (despite my being in it!). I became agitated and worried about my colleagues' tents and my own safety. As the storm continued to rage, I became frightened, and thoughts of the possible consequences of the situation ran through my mind. I was trying unsuccessfully to calm myself and meditate when I remembered to pray to Master for help. As I did, to my amazement, the storm subsided inside our circle of tents, but continued outside the perimeter of the circle. Due to Master's blessing, our site became the calm eye of a raging storm. To me, the eye of the storm represents what Master means to me, the haven of peace in a turbulent world.

Master, thank You for Your Love — the most precious thing to me.


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