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News 130, Master's Wonders

Eyeglasses from Master

By sister-initiate Lili, Sweden

We want to thank Master for saving our family. Through Master's love and protection, our life has been getting better and better. Everything has been going smoothly for us, and through meditation, I am also becoming healthier each day.

Recently, I had a wonderful experience that outsiders may regard as incredible. Usually I need reading glasses to look at things, so whenever I go out I put my glasses in my pocket. If I forget, I find it hard to do things, and thus cause delays for myself.

One day, I had to go out to do some business. I was already on the street when I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten my glasses, and became very worried. Out of habit, I reached into my pocket and, surprisingly, my hand touched a pair of glasses. Taking them out, I saw that they were not mine, but a brand new pair of bifocals! I then asked the people around me, "Whose glasses are these?" But they all shook their heads and none claimed them.

Next, I tried the glasses on and found that they fit me perfectly, in terms of the frame size and lens prescription, and they allowed me to both read up close and see far into the distance. At that moment, I understood that the glasses were Master's blessing - a precious gift to Her disciple. I had been thinking of buying a pair of bifocals so I could see both near and far, because I could only read with my old reading glasses and could not afford bifocals. My merciful Master knew my feelings and difficulty and provided a timely solution. Thank You, Master, for Your thoughtful gift!


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