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News 130, Master's Wonders

My “Car Blessing”

By sister-initiate Jin, Mainland China
(originally in Chinese)

Recently, I experienced a "car blessing."

After my older brother was diagnosed with cancer, I kept him company for five months until he passed away. Afterwards, I felt I was doing worse than before, in terms of both my physical condition and spiritual practice. So I re-examined my body, speech, and mind, going over everything very carefully, but found no willful violation of the Precepts. Instead, I spent more time in meditation, and felt that my faith in Master was growing stronger each day. However, I was not having the type of good experiences that I had had when I was initiated, and thought it might be due to never having seen Master in the physical form.

Thus, on the night of August 7, 2001, I begged Master in meditation to let me experience Her manifestation form, to fulfill my longing to see Her in person. I had always envied those fellow initiates who had seen Master in the flesh, and more than once called out to Her and wept. That night I was again immersed in my longing to see Master, thinking in my heart, "I wonder what form She will manifest in?" However, during meditation, I saw not Master but a scene in which a motor vehicle was crashing into someone. I also saw blood, and was startled, thinking that my son had had an accident. I immediately prayed to Master and recited Her Holy Name for protection.

At noon the next day, I went to visit a sister initiate on my bicycle, and on the way was hit by a two-ton garbage truck. I could feel one of its right wheels roll over my right pelvis and lower abdomen. Though I felt no pain, the truck's tire left a clear tread mark on my white pants.

My first thought on being hit was, "How could I still be hit by a truck after being initiated?" But at once another thought came to mind: "All will be fine! Master will make arrangements, and they will be for the best." Faith in Master has always been my fundamental approach to solving any problem, so I tried to stand up with confidence. However, I could not do so on my first try. The second time, the truck driver held my hand and I stood up!

At that moment, I saw a great white light around me, as the nearby pedestrians, vehicles, and streets disappeared. The dazzling, intense white light seemed to shine out from my eyes, and I thought, "I was not hit on the head, so why should I see light?" I strained to open my eyes and saw the white light streaming at great speed towards a white sun in the distance. (But the sun also seemed to have some colors in it and was less brilliant than the white light.) Suddenly I understood. The bright light was Master! At the same time, I experienced the world of one sun and a thousand suns. Later, when I went home and watched one of Master's videos, at the beginning I saw a scene with bright lights coming from all directions and then converging and streaming into the distance. It was exactly the same vision that I had seen during my accident. But the light I had seen in my vision was more brilliant and magnificent. I was also enveloped by the light. I can hardly describe that feeling in words, but I felt protected by the Light.

This is how our omnipotent Master looks after Her children, each according to their needs and circumstances. My accident not only erased my fixed karma and satisfied my longing to see Master, but also solved problems in my spiritual practice.

After the accident, I immediately reassured the truck driver that I was fine and would not demand compensation. I was then taken to a hospital for a check-up and the results showed that everything was normal. Even the doctor was surprised. He prescribed some medication for me, and asked me to come back immediately if I felt that something was wrong. Next I went to the local traffic police precinct to report the accident. The police told the driver to give me financial compensation, but I refused, thinking in my heart, "I got to see Master and was immersed once more in Her ocean of love, and my problems in spiritual practice have been solved; I can't thank him enough!"

For others, it might have been a "car accident." But for me, it was a "car blessing." I was filled with inner bliss and gratitude toward Master. This experience again shows that as long as we put everything in Master's hands, She will always make the best arrangements for us.


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