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News 131, Master's Wonders

A Lecture by Transformation Master

By fellow initiate Dai, Mainland China
(originally in Chinese)

Last October, my elder sister lost the key for the double-security-lock of our house, and I did not change the lock immediately. One day, when my husband and I had gone to work, my father-in-law was alone at home and stepped out from the meditation room to find that the video in the dining room was playing one of Master's video-lectures. He thought we had gone to work and forgotten to turn off the video. He then sat down on the sofa and watched the video. (However, there was actually no videotape in the video player at the time).

A few minutes later, four strangers with the key broke into our house and walked into our dining room. One was about 40 years old and wore a large beard, and the others were about 20 years old. My father-in-law told them, "Hey, get away, I don't know you!" But they did not listen and even sat down on the sofa and watched the video together with my father-in-law, just as though they were invited friends. About one hour later, when the transformation Master finished the lecture, the TV turned off automatically. My father-in-law urged the strangers to leave and told them, "Master has finished Her lecture and it is time for you to leave." But they showed no response. My father-in-law then took out one of Master's books and started reading. Meanwhile, the strangers left without him realizing it.

When I came home at noon, I found that the security lock, which I clearly remembered having locked, was open. I then asked my father-in-law about it and realized that Master's transformation body had helped us evade a disaster. She had not only protected our lives and property, but also seized the chance to educate and save the souls of the intruders. Master once said, "Only by taking refuge in the 'Tao' can you be safe, and nowhere else is safer." This miraculous experience once again proved Master's words.

Thanks very much to Master for Her all-inclusive care. Our family members, all of whom are fellow initiates, heartily hope that people around the world will seize this precious opportunity and follow Master to practice spiritually to take refuge in the "Tao" and get eternal liberation in this lifetime.


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