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News 152, Master's Wonders

Master Arranges Everything on My Spiritual Path

Narrated by a fellow initiate from Mainland China
Recorded by the China News Group
(originally in Chinese)

Before I was initiated into the Quan Yin Method, I farmed fifteen hectares (37 acres) of land single-handedly despite being over the age of sixty. However, poor harvests for three successive years made my life extremely difficult, and I wondered when the bad times would end. The future looked bleak, and I often wept in despair and loneliness. Then one night I dreamt that two fairies dressed in white took me in a horse-drawn carriage to the mining area where my sister lived. I fell on my knees and begged the fairies to help me find a job there so that I could earn a living, and they agreed to help me.

I was so amazed when I woke up from the dream that I set off at once to visit my sister, a Convenient Method practitioner, who advised me to practice spiritually as soon as she saw me. She added that only through spiritual cultivation could I attain the greatest happiness in life and be liberated from the abyss of worldly misery. I immediately thought of my dream, decided to settle down at my sister’s house, and through Master’s blessings soon found a temporary job that took care of my financial difficulties. I worked hard, all the while looking forward to initiation into the Quan Yin Method.

Then in April 2002, I was finally initiated, and another miracle occurred. During one of my meditation sessions, Master appeared and told me, “Buy a house.” Although I considered myself too advanced in years to need a home of my own as I could easily live with my sister, I followed Master’s instructions and happily saved my earnings to buy a house. It just so happened that a man living on a nearby barren hillside was selling his small cottage for the amazingly low price of RMB300 (approx. US$36.00). I soon pooled my savings with my friends’ money and bought the place. However, less than ten days after the estate was legally ceded to me, I was surprised to learn that the neighborhood where the home was located had been rezoned for development as a tourist area, and all the households had to be relocated. The government paid me a subsidy of RMB11,000 (approx. US$1,325.00), and with this sum as my living allowance, I quit my job and began devoting myself diligently to spiritual practice, knowing that it was Master who had made this wonderful arrangement.

Ever since my initiation, I have meditated for eight hours a day, and now a dozen fellow initiates join me regularly for group meditation. I have experienced wonderful inner visions and outer miracles, and remain in good health, and although I did not attend school and cannot write, even if I were able to compose a message to Master, the most beautiful written words could never express my love for Her. So all I can say is “Thank You, Master!”


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