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News 155, Master's Wonders

A Most Brilliant and Sacred Ritual

By brother-initiate Arka, Jakarta, Indonesia
(originally in English)

On Sunday, September 12, 2004, a sunny day full of God's grace, the Jakarta Center held an initiation for Truth seekers, and I was asked to serve as a Dharma guard for the event. I was already honored to be one of Master's disciples, and felt doubly privileged to be a guard on this auspicious occasion.

As the initiation process began, I witnessed Master's power touch everyone present, a great phenomenon that came about through God's supreme love. Many times, after practicing for years, our fellow practitioners seem to forget such feelings and experiences that they have during initiation and so take the great blessing power of these events for granted. For this reason, I would like to present my experience so that it might rekindle memories in initiates' minds and offer hope to others.

The initiation began as usual, except that a live basketball game accompanied by music was taking place simultaneously at a sports field across from the Center. But the initiation continued and the attendees did not seem to mind the noise, as they were paying serious attention to the Quan Yin messenger's explanations and instructions.

Not long after we began the initiation meditation session, as I stood watching over the new initiates, a strong light like the flash of many cameras suddenly surprised me. This powerful energy moved very quickly from the front to the back of the room, and as it passed the initiates, each of them turned into a pure white, radiant being before my eyes. As I watched this amazing event, another larger and stronger light, more like hundreds of camera flashes, quickly swept over the room, and as it moved, I no longer saw any human forms at all, but instead many bright lamps the size of human bodies.

After a few more moments, an even larger and more powerful light emerged, this one like thousands of camera flashes combined together. As this light swept across the room, a part of me was also carried away, and I suddenly felt weightless. At this point I no longer perceived any beings in front of me, and all the big lamps had dissolved into one brilliant light. I also could no longer hear any noise from the street, and moreover felt as though I had ceased to exist. At that moment, everyone in the room merged into one light, and all were held in the sway of a beautiful melody that seemed to come from nowhere, and from some unknown instrument. This experience continued until the Quan Yin messenger gave the instructions to finish the meditation session.

When the initiation was over, I felt completely blissful. The world seemed exceptionally beautiful, and I loved everyone. Also, many wonderful things that I cannot describe in human language suddenly occurred in my life.

And at this moment, while I am writing all this down, I feel an overwhelming sense of love — I love You, Master. I love you, brothers and sisters. I love you, life.

Thank You, God and Master, for giving me the opportunity to witness Your infinite glory and love.


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