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News 162, Master’s Wonders

A Shining Example of Sacrifice

By sister-initiate Thu Hong Nguyen, Sydney, Australia
(originally in Aulacese)

During a recent group meditation session at the Sydney Center, a powerful Light came to me and took me to a white beach where the sand was shiny and clear as crystal, and in front of me I saw Jesus Christ walking with two of His disciples. The atmosphere was warm and filled with love. Suddenly the trio stopped and the crown of thorns on Jesus' head began to spin, becoming increasingly bright. My heart also began to spin in the same direction as the crown and I could sense inside a love that made me feel warm, satisfied and completely protected. Also, I felt strongly that this was a lesson in sacrifice that I had to learn and remember and I said to myself, "Jesus Christ, I thank You for coming to me and I will obey Your teachings."

Then all of a sudden, I was brought to a quiet forest filled with large, old trees generating beautiful light. As I was admiring this exquisite place, I saw twenty-three Buddhas wearing white robes and standing in a circle with our beloved Master in the middle. On the front and back of Master's robe was a glowing red cross that almost covered the entire garment. As all the Buddhas focused on Master, their collective power was so intense that it made the universe shake. As the trees continued generating strong light Master also appeared incredibly bright and the cross on Her robe shone brilliantly and directly into my heart. I felt extremely happy and peaceful in the presence of Her blessings, understood Her boundless sacrifice and felt that the whole universe and all the Heavenly beings praised Her. I then said, "Beloved Master, I praise You everywhere and I offer You my heart. Please let Your power be forever in me. Please lead me so that anything I do is Your will. I am Your servant; I am willing to obey Your teachings."

Next a divinely warm, lovely atmosphere surrounded me and I wholeheartedly understood that Master had come to teach me the lesson of sacrifice. I thank You for letting me understand that I came into the physical world to learn this lesson, I thank You for Your love and compassion in teaching me, and I offer my mind, body and speech as faithful instruments for Your use. I also wish to offer my heart to You and thus repay Your boundless efforts in saving me. Thank You, Master.


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