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News 54, Master's Wonders

Master and Disciples are Joined at Heart

Narrated by Fellow Initiates Chen and Lin, Tainan, Formosa
Recorded by Tainan News Group, Formosa
(originally in Chinese)

One evening, brother Chen went to burn a pile of dead wood. After pouring gasoline and igniting the wood, a great fire instantly appeared. The wind made the great fire jump high. Unable to escape in time, brother Chen was engulfed by the great fire and his hair was burning. Within a fraction of a second, a layer of cool air covered his eyes and only the left side of his face and left arm were burned.

During those dangerous and frantic moments, he thought he was going to die. Within that critical time, he understood clearly that Master had saved his life. Furthermore, his eyes were totally unharmed.

When medical treatment was sought, the doctor said to brother Chen: "You will not possibly be able to sleep tonight. You will be in great pain." But surprisingly enough, he slept very well that night and did not feel any pain.

After a few days, brother Lin returned from overseas. He went to brother Chen's home. After seeing the bandages on his face and arm, and discovering what had happened, he understood why Master had asked him to bring back some ointment.

He explained: " A few days ago, we followed Master to visit a castle. That night, Master suddenly said that Her legs were burning and hurting, just like they were being burned by fire. She asked the attendant to find someone to buy some ointment. After buying the ointment, the attendant helped Master to apply it. Feeling a bit cooler and more comfortable, Master then said: effective. You can buy some more. Fellow practitioners in your country might find it useful.'"

When brother Lin reflected as to what time that night Master felt the pain, it was exactly when brother Chen was sleeping comfortably.

After listening to this, brother Chen felt hurt in his heart. He could not bear to let Master be hurt. However, our bodies and souls are intimately connected with Master. Just like a mother, Master bears all the pain and sufferings of Her children.

Brother Lin said with great emotion, that we disciples are usually not sensitive enough. Master's every word and every action has meaning. It's only that we do not understand and hence cause obstacles for other beings. This incident made him understand that in every second, a Master is bearing the sufferings of sentient beings.

No wonder Master once said: "Being a Master is the most terrible thing in the whole world. No one could possibly understand the sufferings that a Master has to bear. The Master has to taste personally all the sufferings of beings."


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