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News 93, Master's Wonders

Experience of "All Creations are One"

By sister-initiate Rachel Sumner, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.
(originally in English)

Attending the 1997 four-day retreat in Washington, D.C. brought many blessings and much peace and wisdom to my spiritual practice. Master's infinite love, compassion, and patience touched me deeply. Her noble and saintly quality was reflected repeatedly in the meticulous care She took of Her children. Master did not overlook one detail when caring for us, whether it was physical, spiritual or material. Under Master's loving guidance, all the initiates were allowed to attend initiation one day prior to the retreat. Upon hearing this, I was sincerely touched by Master's thoughtful consideration of Her disciples.

While meditating on the light during initiation, everything suddenly became very dark in front of my wisdom eye. I felt as if I were traveling quickly through this dark space. Soon the darkness was transformed into a soft, white-golden glow that made me feel very calm and peaceful. The glowing light soon extended beyond my wisdom eye and encircled my head. The light continuously grew outward until I felt I had become pure energy. I could no longer feel where my physical body began and ended. Soon I felt that the light was not my own but belonged and was connected to everything. I could see a part of this light in every living thing. Upon this realization I was overcome with bliss and contentment. I truly understood when Master repeats Lao Tzu's message that "All creations are one."

Thank You, Master, for showing me a glimpse of my True Self. This world is really full of illusions, so-called boundaries and limitations. By the grace of Master's love and wisdom, I was shown the Truth.


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