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News 94, Master's Wonders

The Air-Ticket Miracle

By a Quan Yin messenger

At about three o'clock on the morning of May 23, Master suddenly told me that She was going to Mexico. Only three of us knew of this unexpected decision — Master, a fellow initiate in Mexico, and myself.

By eight in the morning, we were already at the airport ticketing counter trying to buy a ticket for Master. The staff enquired whether Master had made any bookings for that day. When Master replied that She had not because it was a sudden decision, the clerk immediately refused to issue Her a ticket because it was company policy to serve only those with advance reservations; and the airplane was fully booked anyhow she said. She then advised us to try our luck at the other counters.

At this critical moment, a man came along. Also a staff member at the ticketing counter, he said cordially, "Let me check the computer first!" When he found that two reservations had been made, he asked Master to write down Her name for verification. Miraculously, the two full names displayed on the computer screen were those of Master and myself.

Previously while in another country, I had made a reservation for an eleven A.M. flight to Mexico on that day, so of course my name would show up on the screen. Why was Master's name there too? And Her reservation was for the same flight as mine! No one could have made a reservation at three in the morning, and the Mexican fellow initiate who was notified very early in the morning had not reserved the ticket for Master.

It appeared that the airline computer had automatically made a reservation for Her. Only God can explain it, because Hes is the One in charge and making all the arrangements!


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