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News 119, Quan Yin Messengers' Travel Log

The Fire-resistant Photo

By a Quan Yin messenger
(originally in Chinese)

On July 25, 1999, fellow practitioners from around Japan crowded into the Tsukui Center in the suburbs of Tokyo for a rare initiation session. A sister initiate from remote Chiba Ken county, who had not attended group meditation for a long time, defied all obstacles to join the initiation and share an unforgettable experience, in which she witnessed Master's great power.

A bit overwhelmed by emotion and with tears shining in her eyes, she showed us three passports and a small bunch of NT thousand-dollar bills. Earlier that year, she said, her daughter had accidentally set their house on fire, and everything was consigned to flames. The wooden pillars were burned black and the straw mattresses were reduced to ashes. When she came home to this terrible scene, she was almost frightened to death. Then she found the three passports, the bunch of thousand-dollar bills, and Master's photo on top - all miraculously intact and untouched. The bills were only slightly blackened around the edges, while the surrounding wood and straw mattresses had turned to ashes. She could not believe her eyes! This was all because Master's photo had been lying on them. She was so overwhelmed that she could not utter a word. She knew that this was a manifestation of Master's omnipotent power. Her husband's suit was hanging near that spot, yet the passport in his pocket was burned to ashes.

The night before the fire, she had felt a sudden urge to give Master's scriptures to her relatives, and did so immediately. It did not occur to her then that this inspirational thought would help preserve the books. Fellow initiates were amazed at the passports and dollar bills lying in front of them. It was just too incredible!


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