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News 120, Quan Yin Messengers' Travel Log

God's Arrangement

By a Quan Yin messenger
(originally in Chinese)

On May 24, 1998, Master conducted an initiation in Mexico and then meditated with the fellow disciples present. Early the next morning, She left for the airport, ready to fly to Costa Rica. While queuing for check-in, Master suddenly turned around and said to me, "You'd better stay in Mexico and attend group meditations with the local fellow initiates in various places." Then, I reluctantly bade Her farewell.

I informed the liaison practitioner at Tuxpan that I would be joining the local group meditation session that evening. I gave Tuxpan higher priority because all of the fellow initiates there had been newly initiated just the day before, and there were no old initiates. When I arrived in the city, I was surprised to find that all the fellow practitioners had come to the railway station to meet me. They thought that I had left with Master, and were very happy to know that I had decided to stay. Cheerily, we went to the house of the liaison practitioner for group meditation.

That evening, I elaborated on the meditation guidelines, already covered at the initiation and in the spiritual handbook. The fellow initiates had a number of questions and when they had all been answered, a sister initiate came over to me and said happily, "Last night in meditation, I told the Inner Master that I did not understand the spiritual handbook and had forgotten the Holy Names. Her manifestation form appeared and told me to ask you. And indeed, we got the news that you would be joining our group meditation today!"

The Best Stimulant

In October 1998, we decided to print the Spanish edition of Master's sample booklet in Mexico to save the trouble of acquiring the booklets from other countries, as we had done previously. The local fellow initiates and those from Boston covered the printing costs. I asked two fellow initiates, a married couple, to do the proofreading.

However, they delayed the proofreading for many days, and I was about to visit another city, so I gave the couple two more days to finish the project. Immediately after they got off work, they arrived at the Center to do the typing and proofreading. The next morning, I found them still at the Center, and said to the brother, "You must be exhausted because you went without any sleep last night!" In great spirits and delight, he said that he had completed the proofreading and was not tired at all. In addition, he told me what had happened the night before.

He began with the typing while his wife did the proofreading. Later the sister fell asleep, and he was working alone. Just when he could barely keep his eyes open, he suddenly saw Master standing right beside him, looking and smiling at him. The bliss expelled his drowsiness and he worked all through the night until morning without feeling tired.


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