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News 121, Master's Wonders

The Story of Mr. Tan

By sister-initiate Linda, Australia
(originally in English)

Recently, I happened to meet Mr. Tan and his daughter Miss Tan. The following events about our conversations together are very interesting.

The first time I met Miss Tan was when a friend of mine told me that a new teacher working in her art school wanted to meet people of a Buddhist background, as she had just arrived in Australia from China and was very eager to visit temples or meet other Buddhists. So, my friend gave my phone number to Miss Tan and she phoned me. I told her about our local center and she immediately expressed interest in visiting it.

I then took her to the center, where she obtained News magazines and sample booklets about Master. During Miss Tan's visit to the center, she mentioned her father, who practices both western and traditional Chinese medicine. He is also a Chinese painter and calligrapher, and is able to connect himself with the energy of the universe and treat many serious diseases successfully. A few days later, she phoned me and said that she had gone through all of Master's sample booklet and News magazines, and felt that She possessed immeasurable merits. She also told me that her father was coming to visit her soon.

After her father had arrived in Australia, but before I even met him, Miss Tan told me over the phone one day that when he saw the photo of Master on the sample booklet he realized that he had seen Her in a vision when he was a youth. When I met him, he also told me that he was a spiritual master himself, and that he had many disciples in Mainland China and Formosa. Although he had just been in Australia for a few days, he had already acquired some disciples.

What he teaches is contemplation of the inner Light with the wisdom eye. He does not teach contemplation of the Sound. The following is what he wants to pass on to our Master: Before his master passed away, the master told him that in the future he was going to work with a Master from Au Lac to share Divine Teachings and bring the spring of Truth back to Earth. His master also put his hand on his wisdom eye and let him see (in a spiritual vision) a picture of the Master from Au Lac. That was about 30 or 40 years ago. The future master he saw in his vision was still a young girl, but he realizes now that She was our Master. So he wants to meet our Master, and thinks this is very important.


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