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News 102, Quan Yin Messenger's Travel Log

The Heart-Felt Voice of a Moslem

"Master has always helped the Catholics and the Buddhists in the past.Now it is time to help the Moslems!"

By a Quan Yin Messenger

At a spiritual symposium held by Moslem sponsors in Indonesia in December 1996, fellow initiates distributed vast numbers of sample booklets to the guests as well as the working staff and delegates of the sponsoring organization. Those who received the sample booklets could barely conceal the excitement they felt, and the good news spread quickly among them.

One day, the local Center received a phone call from the chairman of chapter of the sponsoring organization, who revealed that a perusal of the sample booklet had evoked his interest in learning more about Master's teachings. Although we invited him to visit us at the Center, he did not come as scheduled. Realizing that taking this first step forward is difficult for anyone, we called on him at his home. After a courteous exchange of greetings, we had an enjoyable meeting and felt exceptionally close as though we were old friends who had not seen each other for many years. Mr. chairman has a great sense of humor and is very sincere. He has been a devout spiritual practitioner for over twenty years. His wife is very dignified and showed a strong spiritual inclination. Once the couple understood that Master's teachings are in accord with Islamic concepts and values, they asked to learn the Convenient Method and asserted that they would come to the Center.

One afternoon, Mr. Chairman and his wife came to the Center. I taught the Convenient Method of meditation to them and, before starting to meditate, reminded them that Convenient Method practitioners should not meditate for more than thirty minutes a day. When the time was up, I played Master's music and turned on the light. But they sat motionlessly. Five minutes passed. I snapped my fingers. They made no response and their eyes remained closed. Another five minutes passed. I got a bit worried because they had exceeded the time limit set by Master. Driven by a sense of urgency, I picked up a "gong-stick" from the table and, asking Master for Her blessings, made three loud knocks close to their ears.

After a while, they slowly came out of their meditation. The chairman's wife was elated. During the meditation, she had seen herself passing through a dark tunnel before a brilliant and beautiful scene with lotuses appeared before her. She herself had turned into an innocent child, playing and running around as she liked. She was so filled with joy that she did not want to stop meditating.

The chairman did not say anything about his experience when he first woke up. He only asked where we had purchased that "gong-stick," why it was so powerful, and if we could help him buy one. Later, he shared with us that he not only beheld a dazzlingly bright light radiating from a diamond but also heard the chimes of church bells during his meditation. He too was exalted. I commented that they could have such wonderful experiences just by practicing the Convenient Method because they had very pure hearts, sincerely believed in Allah, and had been doing spiritual practice for many years. Not long after that, they brought their children and friends to the Center to learn the Convenient Method in what was a sheer testimony of their faith in the Quan Yin Method.

However, when I encouraged them to receive initiation, the Chairman confided, in embarrassment, that it was very inconvenient to follow a full vegetarian diet in Moslem society. Nonetheless, soon afterwards, their longing for the Truth encouraged them to switch to a pure vegetarian diet and later they received initiation. This once again proved how powerful the Quan Yin Method is and how it can help us overcome difficulties.

One day, the Chairman said to me with great sincerity, "Master has always helped the Catholics and the Buddhists in the past. Now it is time to help the Moslems!" These words touched me deeply, for the Moslems are known worldwide for their deep belief in their religion. They pray five times a day to remind themselves to remember God at all times. They form a solemn scene of respect when they, regardless of gender or age, put down their work and join in prayer at the same time. With their earnest sincerity to follow Allah's teachings, God will surely help them find their way back to the Kingdom of Allah. The Quan Yin Method, with its observation of the inner sound stream, is the best way back to the Kingdom of God. As the Bible says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

By practicing the Quan Yin Method, the Moslems will one day truly understand the many Islamic ceremonies and have the same inner sound experience that the Prophet Mohammed did. Although all the ancient enlightened Masters taught only the Quan Yin Method, the formal rituals that are preserved until today are performed without the inner power that those Masters had during their lifetimes. Now people of the Islamic faith need to carry the torch and disseminate the ancient holy method of observing the sound stream to their brothers and sisters. May Allah respond to the earnest prayers of the sentient beings and guide them towards the path of the Quan Yin Method, through which the inner sound stream will lead them back to the Kingdom of Allah!

* The Prophet Mohammed heard the voice of Allah in the Cave of Hira and wrote the Koran.


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