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News 97, QYM

Three Sacred Treasures

By a Quan Yin Messenger

For a sister initiate in Xian, China, life has been plagued by impoverishment, chronic illness and an unhappy marriage. Her only consolation has been the blessing of love and spiritual inspiration she receives from Master during her daily meditation. She prays to God day and night to give her guidance and help her through the difficult times. Her sincere prayers have at last received a response from God.

One night in August of 1996, the sister saw in her dream Master's transformation body giving her three jewelry items: a gold ring, a ruby and a jade pendant. Master told her that she could sell the first two for money to support her family, but not the jade pendant, which Master might take back anytime. When the sister woke up the next morning, she found these three sacred items on her night stand. She did not know where they had come from, but there they were just as she had seen in her dream. Cradled in a small square box under a transparent plastic lid were a square-shaped gold ring with a dharma wheel design; an oval ruby about one centimeter long; and a two-centimeter-long, translucent light-green jade pendant shaped liked a tear drop and tied with a fine silk ribbon.

When local fellow initiates heard about the incident, they came to her home to share in this inconceivable sacred episode. The most miraculous was the third treasure. Over a dozen initiates saw in the pendant a changing spectrum of countless manifestation forms of Master dazzling in resplendent colors! Happiness and gratitude toward Master for Her grace moved the sister to tears. She said to herself, "I must not give up no matter how difficult life may become. I shall not sell the holy treasures for money."

Master has taught us that the most important thing in life is to have a sincere longing for the Truth. This intense longing for spiritual practice and enlightenment is by itself a blessing and a great merit, and more important than acquiring experiences. Master's words come true for every fellow initiate who practices sincerely.


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