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News 97, QYM

Just In Time

By a Quan Yin Messenger

In October 1995 when I was in Ciudad Del Este, Paraguay, there was a Chinese couple who practiced the Convenient Method. When I first arrived there, they welcomed me warmly. The husband was very forthright. He said, "You can live in our home. We will not only cook vegetarian food for you but also observe a vegetarian diet ourselves." Their sincerity was touching.

Because of their help, I did not have to worry about food and lodging. Brother Wu from Brazil and I went about planning a videotaped lecture by Master, placing newspaper advertisements, printing posters, and distributing leaflets. We printed the home telephone number of the couple on the leaflets. I did not expect that the next day the husband, looking much troubled, would ask me not to print his phone number on the leaflets, even though he and his wife supported our activities and even had their employees put up advertisement banners for us. He was worried that some extremists might cause trouble for them. The couple had put their lives at risk by coming to this industrial city, where the crime rate was high and social order was bad, only to do some business and make some money. Worried that it might affect their business, the husband asked me to take his telephone number off the leaflets. This unexpected request left me at a loss. The couple were the only people we knew in the city. How could we find another contact telephone number at such short notice? It was the first time that I was to share Master's teachings in a place where there were no fellow initiates. And inexperienced as I was, I had no idea where I could rent a portable telephone. I could only pray silently to Master for help.

Surprisingly, the husband told me the next day that someone claiming to be a fellow initiate would be arriving soon to see me. This unexpected good news made me overjoyed. I did not know that there was a fellow initiate in this city. When we saw each other, we learnt that he was from Argentina and had come to Paraguay on business. I asked him how he found me. He said that he had just arrived but when he was walking around the city with a friend, the friend suddenly said to him, "Hey! Your Master will be coming to give a lecture." He replied, "You must be kidding! Why would my Master come to this remote place?" His friend said, "You can see for yourself. There is a poster over there about Her lecture."

Overjoyed, he called the couple's home and found me. I immediately asked him, "Do you have a telephone?" He said, "I am here on business and have just rented a place where there is nothing but a telephone and a fax machine." How fantastic! Only we practitioners of the Quan Yin Method are lucky enough to have such coincidences.

We immediately replaced the original telephone number on the leaflets with his and the urgent problem was solved. Meanwhile, brother Zhao pitched in to help in our preparations for the lecture. Later, some people in Ciudad Del Este were initiated and many people from the capital city of Asuncion learned the Convenient Method of meditation. Brother Zhao very naturally became the contact person taking care of the Quan Yin family in Paraguay and remains so until today.

Master once told us that there are many guardians around the world supporting the Quan Yin Method. They are scattered in different corners of the Earth. When the need arises or when the time is right, they will come and offer their help.


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