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News 89, Introductory Book Note

Empirical Science and the Oneness of the Universe
(Based on the book "The Light Beyond" by Raymond A. Moody, Jr. M.D.)

By brother-initiate Thu Pham, San Jose, California, USA
(originally in English)

In many of Her lectures around the world, Master has talked about "the oneness of the universe". Many religious scriptures also mention this "Oneness". The ancient Masters such as Buddha and Jesus, throughout their teachings, have expounded on their actual experiences of oneness with all things, visible and invisible. Now in the field of empirical science, scholars are beginning to investigate the interrelatedness of manifested and unmanifested phenomena. Raymond A. Moody, Jr., a physician and sociologist, has pioneered research of near-death experiences (NDEs), which has led to the preliminary development of a paradigm for investigating the unmanifested Reality.

By his work, Dr. Moody, in essence, opened the way for scientific research into the spiritual realm. His research and that of other investigators has helped many medical doctors to understand more about NDE patients and thereby has made a great contribution to the treatment of these patients. Based on the research of physicians, psychologists, and sociologists, the scientific community is being forced to accept the existence of the NDE. No longer is the NDE a mystery or something to be relegated only to the religious domain. More scientific studies about this phenomena are on the rise.

Dr. Moody mentioned in his book: "There are several things about NDEs that make me feel so strongly. One of these is the verifiable out-of-body experiences," he said. "Although these out-of-body experiences might be the most solid scientific reason to believe in life hereafter, the most impressive thing about NDEs to me is the enormous changes in personality that they bring about in people. That NDEs totally transform the people to whom they happen shows their reality and power."

In "The Light Beyond," Dr. Moody includes many case histories of NDEs, each demonstrating a unique aspect of the experience. One example is a "Sense of Connection With All Things." Dr. Moody wrote, "NDEers return with a sense that everything in the universe is connected. This is a difficult concept for them to define, but most have a newfound respect for nature and the world around them. An eloquent description of this feeling was given to me by a hard-driving, no-nonsense businessman who had an NDE during a cardiac arrest: The first thing I saw when I awoke in the hospital was a flower, and I cried. Believe it or not, I had never really seen a flower until I came back from death. One big thing I learned when I died was that we are all part of one big, living universe. If we think we can hurt another person or another living being without hurting ourselves, we are sadly mistaken. I look at a forest or a flower or a bird now, and say, ''That is me, part of me.' We are connected with all things and if we send love along those connections, then we are happy."

Another interesting aspect of the NDE is the description of the planes where one goes after leaving the physical body. One such realm was described as being set aside for the "passionate pursuit of knowledge". A woman called this place a "big university," whereas another NDEer referred to it as "a state of consciousness where whatever you want to learn is available to you". He said it was almost as though information was available in bundles of thought: "This includes information of any kind. For instance, if I wanted to know what it was like to be the president of the United States, I would need only to wish for the experience and it would be so. Or if I wanted to know what it was like to be an insect, I would merely have to 'request' the experience by wishing for it, and the experience would be mine."

Dr. Moody continued with this theme, "This brief, albeit powerful, learning experience has changed the lives of many NDEers. The short time they were exposed to the possibility of total learning made them thirst for knowledge when they returned to their bodies."

And so begins the world's scientific odyssey into the spiritual realms. We, the initiated fellows, have had our own proof to a certain degree since the day of initiation, and we don't need to wait until it's proven by scientists. We certainly thank our beloved Master for blessing us with such a gift.


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