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News 90, Open Space

A media report published in issue No. 60 of the Supreme Master News stated that scientists had proven in their research that a fetus can decide when it is to be born. Experiments had been conducted on monkeys and sheep, and further studies would be made on how the human system works. This report stirred up great emotions in me, because my daughter did decide when she would come into this world! Therefore, I am writing this article to testify to and support the validity of this scientific research, and to share with fellow practitioners the profound mystery of the spiritual realm.

The Story of Sarada

By sister-initiate Tatjana, New York, USA

My daughter is now over three years old; she was conceived about a year after I was initiated. Before pregnancy, I knew a new life was coming. So I urged my husband to have the living room on the second floor renovated, and to turn the guest room into a baby room. He acted accordingly without knowing the purpose behind it. By the time the renovations were almost completed, I was pregnant.

Since my initiation, watching Master's videotapes and listening to Her audio tapes have been my daily spiritual nourishment, and they were especially necessary during my pregnancy. Because Master said that meditation would benefit the fetus, naturally I meditated for a longer period of time while pregnant. Every day I felt happy and blissful, remaining in high spirits and absolutely free from the pressures of an expectant mother. I could still walk briskly, feeling relaxed and free. At any time of the day, and no matter what I was doing, I could distinctly feel a gentle force enveloping and protecting my fetus and myself.

I once read a book describing the fantastic phenomenon of how the soul of a fetus enters and exits the mother's womb, and how it communicates with the mother. From my personal experience, I am certain that the spiritual realms do exist, because many times when I was in deep samadhi, I received messages from my unborn daughter. She was very happy that she was soon to become my child. I knew very well that she was coming to help me and bring me happiness. Several times she appeared in my dreams, intimately nestled in my arms, her body radiant and completely transparent. In that vast brightness, I seemed to be bathing in an ocean of love, surrounded by peace and serenity. I had no idea what level of consciousness that I was on, but I always woke up feeling extremely comfortable, as if I were waking up from samadhi. I would find myself fully charged with love, and my body and mind were refreshed.

Day by day the fetus grew, and so did the frequency of our heart-to-heart communications. Slowly I could sense her character; I told my husband that our daughter would be both nimble and tranquil. She would be energetic yet placid. Judging from her behavior now, balanced is the word to describe her character.

Early in my pregnancy, I anticipated that my daughter would be born two weeks before the expected date of delivery. Later, the doctor told me that the embryo was not correctly positioned, so he arranged for me to have a Cesarean section exactly two weeks before the estimated time. However, I came to understand later that anticipation could somehow be altered by the power of thought. I always felt that, as a woman, I ought to go though labor pains. When I knew that my wish would not be realized, I began to pray sincerely to the compassionate power. One day, Master appeared to me, dressed in white, and softly scolded me from above: "Just accept the arrangements and do not make unnatural demands. You're so stupid!" Nevertheless, compassionate Master did fulfill my wish.

When I attended group meditation one day, I felt that the fetus was unusually eager and expectant. I knew that the baby was anxious to be born, and as soon as I reached home, I got my things ready so I could leave for the hospital anytime, though there was not the slightest sign of an imminent delivery. That whole night, I felt pulsations in my wisdom eye. Knowing something was going to happen, I could hardly calm down and meditate. So I satisfied my palate with a bowl of noodles, and took a rest while listening to Master's musical tapes. I felt an overwhelming calmness and slipped into meditation. My mind was in total concentration and I had no idea how much time had passed. In samadhi, my daughter appeared to me just the way she looks in this life. She would give me a delightful surprise, she said. Then came the words: "I am coming!"

I was pondering the meaning of her words when I heard Master's words of compassion and wisdom, "Hurry to the hospital!" I was perplexed because there was no sign that the baby was about to be born. As I hesitated, a current of energy flowed into my body through the crown of my head, and I felt a pressure on my abdomen. I immediately woke up my husband, who rushed me to the hospital. Because the food in my stomach had not yet been fully digested, the anesthetic had to wait. Just then, the labor pains started. And so I did experience part of the pain!

After the baby was born, the doctor and nurses wished me a happy Mother's Day. Only then did I realize what my daughter had meant about giving me a surprise. She deliberately chose to be born on Mother's Day! I took a close look at this lovely little life, but did not see the wrinkled appearance common to newborn babies. Her features were very distinct. What impressed me most was the smile in her sparkling eyes. The doctor said that she had been sitting in the womb. Interestingly enough, ever since then, no matter whether she is lying down or sitting, her legs are always crossed as if she is meditating.

This is the story so far about my dear daughter Sarada, a healthy, lively, lovable, vegetarian baby. I feel that our relationship is not like that of mother and daughter; instead, we are more like friends or soul mates. She amazes and moves me in many little ways. She is the source that leads me to enlightenment.


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