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News 157, Media Reports

British Police Dogs Fitted with Protective Boots

By the London News Group
(Originally in English)

In January, 2005, Northumbria Police in northern England became one of the first law enforcement agencies in the United Kingdom to fit its dogs with special footwear called Bark ‘n Boots to ensure their safety while conducting police work. The shoes come in three sizes and have durable soles and plenty of grip so that the dogs can pad across any surface.

PC Alex McLeod, instructor in the force’s Public Order Training Unit, said, “We are now leading the way when it comes to the safety of officers and our four-legged colleagues.” The boots are helpful when officers use canines to search areas for suspects after burglaries. In such places glass is often present on the floor but now the dogs’ paws are being protected thanks to the footwear.

The above news reflects how the recent elevation in Earth’s consciousness has moved humanity toward more equal treatment of its animal friends.

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