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News 159, The Sentient World of Animals

Compassionate Lions Save an African Girl

Reviewed by brother-initiate Daniel Grantham, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
(Originally in English)

On June 21, 2005, the Associated Press reported that a twelve-year-old girl had recently been kidnapped and beaten outside of Bita Genet, Ethiopia by seven men trying to force her into a marriage. The girl was later found guarded by three lions, who had apparently chased her captors away and stayed with her for about half a day until police and her relatives arrived. Everyone who witnessed the event thought it was a miracle because lions normally attack humans instead of saving them.

Abducting young girls for the purpose of marriage has long been part of Ethiopian tradition. The United Nations estimates that more than seventy percent of Ethiopian marriages are by abduction, which is practiced mainly in rural areas.

This amazing news about the compassionate behavior of lions is another indication that the world has been elevated through Master’s constant efforts; not only humans but also animals have been affected. The incident also confirms that there is still much room for improvement with regard to the way we treat one another. Thus we should continue to promote Master’s teachings so that humankind can turn away from such senseless customs and develop more loving and noble qualities.

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