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News 142, Between Master and Disciples

Manifestations of Divine Love

By a resident disciple from Hsihu, Formosa

One day a resident disciple was pouring hot water from a thermos into a paper cup. Master noticed her action and immediately told her to use two cups so that her hand would not be burned, and the resident quickly replied, “No, it won’t!” as if Master had said something unnecessary. Instead of feeling offended, Master then lovingly took a paper cup and slipped it over the other cup, which indeed did not feel as hot then. For a long time, this trivial action warmed the heart of the resident, who, when recalling the episode, said that we really do not know how to care for ourselves, not to mention how crude our assistance to others must be.

On another occasion, Master was giving a discourse over tea. Suddenly, the video team saw smoke coming out of a lamp, and the resident in charge went over to check. As he reached for the bulb, Master let out a cry as if she had been burned, and reminded the brother to put on a pair of gloves. But out of habit the resident replied, “I’ll be all right!” He then touched the bulb, and thank God, he was not burned. Master did not feel any loss of face, and asked him later, “Was it really not too hot?”

Those who have had the opportunity to be around Master know that She is very thorough in Her love and care for others. Those who are looked after by Master for the first time often do not know how to react. Even residents who are often around Her think that it is unnecessary for Her to do so much, and sometimes even try to impede Her loving actions. Perhaps this is because people seldom meet someone like Master, whose level of unconditional love is rarely found even between parents and children, married couples or lovers. Thus it is unacceptable to us. We just do not know how to react!

It sometimes happens that people even doubt Master’s intentions after being blessed by Her love and care, which is absurd. A superior being from the kingdom of Love, is Love incarnate, and does not know the nature of taking because giving Love is part of his/her inborn nature.

We have been in the physical world too long so we continually arm ourselves in order to survive, thus going against our true nature of perfection, tenderness, detachment and fearlessness. We even take pride in this defensive behavior, forgetting how we had all loved each other when we were in Heaven. Master once said, “In the Golden Age, we walk as if we dance; we talk as if we sing. We look at each other as if we are falling in love. And that’s the way of Heaven.” (Videotape #668, spoken in English, Durban, South Africa, November 26, 1999) — what a beautiful realm!


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