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Learning from Master’s Perfect Example of Love

By a resident disciple from Hsihu, Formosa

Master’s discourse “It’s More Joyful to Give Than to Receive” published in News magazine # 142 transported me back to the autumn of 1989, when Master first went to Mainland China. Accompanied by both resident and lay disciples, She visited spiritual practitioners, and made acquaintances and affinities with many people. Master’s main purpose at the time was to bless the whole country and promote spiritual awakening among the people.

In Xiamen, on the way back to our hotel after we had visited several temples, Master’s car suddenly stopped. We had no idea what was happening until an attendant came to ask, “Who’s willing to contribute a pair of men’s trousers?” But no one had any spare trousers to give at the moment. Then, without hesitation, Brother Chen took off the trousers he was wearing and gave them to the attendant. It so happened that Master had spotted a ragged vagabond squatting by the roadside and wanted to offer him some food and a pair of trousers.

Seeing this, my heart was filled with compassion and I thought, “Why hadn’t we noticed him?” Honestly, we might have neglected him even if we had noticed, but Master knew that a child of God needed people’s love and concern. The next day while taking a bus on an errand, I remembered the incident the previous day and wondered, “Will there be a chance that I might meet that man again?” The bus then made a turn, and there I saw a man wearing a pair of trousers that looked familiar. He was swinging his body as he strode along in high spirits. We all smiled and I thought, “This is another work of love and beauty created by Master!”

Later, in Guangzhou, we were finishing breakfast in our hotel when Master’s attendant said, “Give all available food to the man begging on the other side of the road!” I looked out the window and saw a hungry-looking man outside. When I handed him the food, I felt joyful as though someone had brought me food when I was hungry and thought, “Why do people’s fates differ so much?”

From these two real-life experiences, I discovered that my loving heart was still not great enough. I often ignored the needs of others while attending to my own. So I then began to consider other people’s needs more closely. Once, while working in China as a Quan Yin messenger, I was looking for directions when I drove past a small bridge in a suburb in Hebei Province and saw a man by the bridge. Both his hands were handicapped and he had a card hanging in front of his chest that carried a plea for help. Having learned from Master’s personal example on several occasions in the past, I naturally offered the man help. Soon afterwards I found my way, and the joy in my heart was indescribable.

In the above-mentioned article “It’s More Joyful to Give Than to Receive,” Master said, “When I help others, it’s as if I become that person; that’s why I feel so happy. Whomever I give to, that person seems to become me, so he and I both feel very happy. However, I’m happier than he is because I not only feel his happiness, but also know that I’ve brought him happiness. The two together make me happier than he is. That’s why we say: The giver is happier than the receiver.” I deeply appreciate the fact that the perfect qualities taught by Master through Her personal example have now been imprinted deep in my heart. Only by following Master’s guidance can one realize that we create our own happiness. For all this, we can only be thankful again and again for the love of God and an enlightened Master.


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