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The Savior Of The World At Hsihu

By Fellow Initiate Pu Ji Yu, Seoul, Korea
and Anh Cheng Pei, Pusan, Korea

Ger Anh Leftover Record is a very well-known Korean book of prophecy written in the sixteenth century. To date, a great number of prophecies from the book have been fulfilled. Therefore, some religious bodies in Korea are waiting for a world savior, who, it is said, will come from an island from the south.

The coming of “doomsday” has become a popular topic of conversation in various nations all over the world. American movies about the end of the world have been recently broadcasted by government and private TV stations in Korea, attracting wide public attention.

There have been many prophets in the world. It is amazing that many of their prophecies have been fulfilled. It seems that every nation, including Korea, has had prophets. In the sixteenth century, there was a prophet named Nan Shih Gu (1502-1571), who was an expert in astronomy, geology and the “Book of Changes.” He wrote a book called, “Ger Anh Leftover Record”, which clearly records the coming of a world savior at a time when the world is about to end. Part of the original prophetic text is translated as follows:

“A holy being from above appears in the times of doom.
Little does the world know about it.
The savior is the King of Heaven.
The King of Heaven himself descends on an island.
The savior on an island was from the south.
One of the islands in the South Sea is full of heavenly light.
Little does the world know about it.
A savior appears at Hsihu, and all the saints and mighty lead
their holy army to congregate there.
These celestial beings transform evil into the divine.”

It is also mentioned in the original text that devastating chaos will occur at the end of the twentieth century. At that time a savior will emerge, save the world from its turmoil, and rebuild it to become a heaven on earth. Moreover, during the last days of the world, there will be a “little head with no legs” (an atomic bomb) that will explode in the sky and cause a sea of fire, darkening the sun and the moon! The poisonous gas dispersed will cause unprecedented chaos, and the majority of people will not survive. At that time a savior from the Kingdom of God will appear. Only those who listen to him will be saved. This savior will come from a place on an island south of Korea called Hsihu. As Formosa is an island located south of Korea, it is not difficult to see that Hsihu Center is the “Hsihu” mentioned in the original text.

It is truly remarkable that in the sixteenth century a prophet foretold the appearance of a savior from Hsihu, Formosa. The moment I read about the savior from Hsihu, I had a distinct feeling that the savior in the prophecy was our Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Not too many people know about this discovery. It was only shared by a few fellow practitioners, who all marvelled at it. Eventually we decided to let other fellow practitioners throughout the world know about it, so that we could further understand who Supreme Master Ching Hai really is and verify Her holy mission on Earth.

According to the prophecy, the savior will unite all religions, guide this materialistic world towards a spiritual goal, and save the Earth from the turmoil of its last days. We feel that this is the “Golden Era” that Master has talked about. In order to reach higher spiritual worlds, we should overcome any obstacles or dangers on our spiritual path, until all our aspirations are fulfilled.


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