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The Rice Farmer Has To Eat Rice Too

By Brother Initiate Yang, Ilan, Formosa
(Originally in Chinese)

It was probably an overdose of anesthetic that left Master unwell for a few days following surgery in the United States. For some reason, Her other attendants were not there to attend to Her needs. This left just myself by Her side to take care of all major and minor matters around the clock, with little time for rest. Four or five days later, Master recovered slightly and said to me gratefully, “Thank you very much for your loving care.” These words filled me with shame because I was only doing my duty as an attendant. I sensed Master’s loneliness and instinctively replied, “This is what You have been teaching us!” She then responded, “Even the rice farmer has to eat rice.” It struck me then that everyone in this world needs love, and Master, in Her physical form, is no exception.



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