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The Doctor of Love

By Resident Disciple Wu, Hsihu Center, Formosa
(Originally in Chinese)

In a certain country, Master once met a young girl on the road side near the sea. The girl was injured and waiting for an ambulance. She had accidentally tripped and hurt her foot. A few of her teeth were also broken. Her teeth had been thrust foreword into the lip, she was unable to speak, and her mouth was full of blood. Her companion had called the ambulance quite a while ago, and the people and cars passing by had not taken any initiative to help. Master was concerned about the girl's injury, fearing that she might have a concussion, and decided that we would drive her to the hospital.

On the way, we met the ambulance. The nurse first asked the injured, bleeding girl, who was lying and resting in our car, to stand up to be examined. She then decided that the girl could catch a bus to the hospital herself, the ambulance would not take her. Master could not bear to let the injured girl suffer more. Besides, her companion was just an inexperienced teenager who may not be able to handle all the responsibilities of looking after the girl. Feeling a bit ashamed after hearing Master's sincere words, the nurse agreed to take the girl to the bus station. If she was already willing to bring the girl to the station, which was only a short way from the hospital, why make such a difference! Master still decided to escort the girl to the hospital. She did not feel comfortable letting the girl's condition be judged so casually by this nurse, just from the outward appearance.

After a few minutes' of driving, a downpour of rain started. Master was happy that the girl was not wet by the rain which may cause her more misery and wounds to infect. (Of course, Master had already arranged everything in advance.) Master also took the opportunity to teach us not to judge things lightly, just from external appearances. She also talked about people who become insensitive after working at one job for too long; they lose their love without even knowing it themselves! But spiritual practitioners are different. When they see an emergency, they help immediately. Love automatically springs out, because they see others as themselves, with the feeling of oneness with all beings.

But what happened in the hospital made us sigh once again! After waiting for a long time in the dental surgery unit, the dentist finally arrived. But, there was not a nurse to be found to assistant him. There being no other way, the dentist could only try to manage everything on his own. And the girl, diagnosed by the nurse as only having very minor injuries, but the doctor must spend many hours to complete the operation for her.

Master comforted the girl with loving words, telling jokes to make her feel happy and relaxed. Not only that, She also tried Her best to assist the dentist like a nurse. It was so strange. At last, there was a nurse, but not only did she not try to find an assistant, she even, in an unfriendly and impolite attitude, insisted that Master and the girl's companion leave the dental surgery area. Master continued to wait patiently in the hospital, leaving only after the girl's parents arrived. She comforted and offered concern to those suffering from illnesses, and gave Her seat to other waiting patients. After taking care of everything in the hospital, Master treated the girl's companion to a meal. After that, Master caringly asked a brother initiate in that country to send Her regards to the young girl by telephone. That brother initiate told us the girl was very grateful to Master, hoping that one day she would be able to come and visit Her.

Even after we left the country, the girl still did not know who this stranger was, this gentle and caring lady, who wholeheartedly does good deeds without wanting others to know. We also once again experienced and observed Master's great and deep love, in attending to every detail!


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