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Master Does Her Share

By Brother Initiate Yang, Ilan, Formosa
(Originally in Chinese)

One Saturday evening, I accompanied Master as She went to Her shelves of books to select stories, as She occasionally did, to read to disciples and guests on Sunday. Master stood browsing through the books one by one, completely engrossed in Her work. She finally chose some books to read in Her room. Her efforts raised a question in my mind, “Master, You are an Enlightened One. Why doesn’t God show You which ones to tell, instead of putting You through the trouble of finding them?” When I put this question to Master, after awhile I received this reply, “God has done Hiers share! Hes has prepared these books for me. It is up to me to do the rest.”

People normally think that God takes care of everything, and they only have to wait for things to happen without having to lift a finger. Master has shown me that God fulfills Hiers responsibility and we have to do our share too.



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