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News 96, Poem

Ching Hai
Pure Ocean Of Love

By Sister Initiate Tara Drime Dolkar • Austria
(originally in English)

You know me better than I know myself.
Flowing through this life like a stream of Love from Tushita,
flowing through the desert of this life...
Hoping that sentient beings will quench their anger,
greed, ignorance, desire, jealousy and pride
with the cool drop of Love from the stream.

Unfulfillment - until my life stream
reached Your clear ocean of Love,
bringing the mind Home.

Love supreme, love accomplished.
Perfect Love, unending Love.
Love all pervading, Love all including.

We have never been separated,
only You descended to become visible
and are always adorning the crown of my head.

Indeed: "There is nothing greater than the Love
between a Master and disciple.
However there is something greater:
to sacrifice that Love for other beings..."

May our Love be reflected in the hearts of all beings
who are desperate, lonely, separated
from their beloved, unfulfilled.
Healing their wounded of hearts, giving hope with the Nectar of Love...

Primordial Love, pure Love, spontaneous and fresh, like a beginner's mind.

Those who know supreme Love,
do not call it highest or lowest.
It is great and small, highest and lowest, all pervasive.
Five wisdom lights, the base of all realms of existence.
May we perceive the five wisdom lights with open clarity,
in this very moment, right now.

Just be open. Do not limit the potentiality of your light rays' and sound.
Don't close your heart. Be free!
Be a grown up child, purely spontaneous.
Open lotus upon the surface of the crystal ocean of Love.

Indeed: "Enlightenment does not disturb the person,
just as the moon does not disturb the water...
Attaining enlightenment is like the moon reflecting in the water.
The moon does not get wet, nor is the water disturbed..."

The quality of true Love is primordially pure as abhava. (enlightenment)
Being selfless, egoless, it is deep and profound.
Unborn - yet it is reflected in every dewdrop on the tips of the grass.
May the morning, day and night be auspicious!


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