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By Brother Initiate Stephen L. Gorad • New York, USA
(originally in English)

The Thread that ties us to the Truth
is the thinnest thing I have ever seen.
Its infinite delicacy is a marvel to behold.
It is so easily lost among the gross and subtle threads,
strings and ropes of our minds that bind us
to this world and all lead nowhere.
It is truly a miracle that we find It
for just one brief moment in a lifetime.

All religions teach us to remember God.
We are proud if we can meditate on God
for just an hour each day.

Yet those that have the Thread remember God
every moment of every day, and more.
There is no comparison between those who are Awake
and those who are not.

This Thread is made of Light and Sound, and something else.
It is always there, waiting to be found.
If you search for it in an ordinary way,
you will find only endless illusions.
Beware. These illusions will consume you.

Where does your mind take you, my friend?
What thought are you thinking right now?
It doesn't really matter what you think, or how hard you try.
Your chance of finding the Thread,the Truth,
or God without the Grace of an Awakened One
is very small indeed.

Written in Shanghai, Mainland China - July 24, 1995

News 81, Poem



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