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News 92, Poems

By Sister Initiate Helen • Texas, USA
(originally in English)

Joy, joy, joy,
Lots of joy overflowing in my heart!
I have a Master! I have a Mother!
A friend, not because She grants me a good life,
She has given a golden key to unlock the sleeping beauty in me,
Love, peace, joy and wisdom have been awaken in me!

Master, Mother: I've come to know that I am truly the son of God!
Daily, I drink the heavenly nectar of life;
Daily, I bathe in the river of love.
Master, Mother: Though I am still a worm crawling on the earth,
I know I am a beautiful butterfly in the world of light!

With a little excitement, Mother,
I am silently waking up like a little flower,
In the sweetness of Your love! In the sweetness of Your love!
I love You, Mother! Master!


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