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Quan Yin Method Retrace the “Word” of God to Go Back to Our Origin

Radio Interview “SAFM” “Woman Today”
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Cape Town, South Africa • December 2, 1999
(originally in English)

M.C.: Our next guest has been described as “a living, enlightened saint.” It’s said She has crossed boundaries and conceptions of spirituality. As a young person, She spent Her life seeking ways to help the world’s pain of the sick and the suffering through the Red Cross and through reaching out to those in need. Through Her own path in the Himalayas, She finally achieved what is known in the East as “perfect enlightenment.” Since then, She has been teaching to others the power of Quan Yin meditation and through the Meditation Association organized relief efforts for suffering people and communities throughout the world. What She describes as Her humble efforts has been acknowledged by the international community with awards including the “World Spiritual Leadership Award” and the award for “Promotion of Human Rights.”

She is in Cape Town right now as part of the Parliament of the Worlds Religions. We are very pleased to have Supreme Master Ching Hai on the phone with us. Tell me, what is the message that You have brought with You to this Parliament of the Worlds Religions in Cape Town?

M: It’s the same as time immemorial — that we have God within us and since God is within us, it is easy to find Hirm. And should we forget how, I could show them.

M.C.: I think one of the things that You plan to show people while You are here is Quan Yin meditation. Can You explain what it is and how it differs from any other sorts of meditation?

M: This is an ancient Method, which has been forgotten by many of us, but has been revived in every time in different countries. Some lucky people are able to reconnect with it again. “Quan Yin” is actually just the name in Chinese for the “Word” in the Bible. The “Word” is the spoken word of God, and also means the energy, the vibration, or the melody of Heaven, which creates all things and to which all things will return. So, in order to return to where we came from, we have to rely on this “Word” or the vibration of Heaven, which creates all things. That’s where we came from, and “Quan Yin” means contemplating on this “Word.”

M.C.: You mention that this “Word” is found in the Bible, and I believe that when You were a child,You were brought up in both the Buddhist and Christian principles.

M: Right.

M.C.: How do You manage to equate the two?

M: It’s just that I’ve been looking for it all my life. I studied different religious Bibles and found that they pointed to one same Truth: that God is within us. We call Hirm by a thousand names, but we still can find Hirm in one unity if we know how. And there is a way; we just forgot.

Enlightenment Takes Places in Seconds

M.C.: I know that You personally found enlightenment in the Himalayas. Tell me, was it a very long process?

M: It has been very long until that point, but enlightenment takes place in seconds.

M.C.: Really?

M: Yes.

M.C.: So the actual moment when it happened was just a few seconds?

M: Yes, and we can continue to be enlightened every day — more and more so if we put in more effort. We will know more about God if we go deeper inside every day.

M.C.: Apart from being an Enlightened Being, another thing that You are, amongst many other things, is an artist. I believe that You make very beautiful jewelry. How does that work to improve Your soul?

M: It doesn’t improve my soul. It’s just that my soul has improved and then the artistic creativity came. Once we are even partially enlightened, all the dormant talent and ability within ourselves will be awakened. That’s normal, because we have God within us. God is awakened and then we can do many things.

God Can Be Found Everywhere

M.C.: There is one thing that I would like to ask You very briefly. You found enlightenment in the Himalayas. Is it necessary to go up some of the highest mountains in the world or can you find enlightenment in a slum?

M: Immediately, yes, and here. I’m here to offer it to people at their doorstep. They don’t have to go to the Himalayas like I did.

M.C.: Thank You very much. I do hope that You enjoy Your stay here at the Parliament of the Worlds Religions.

M: Bless you, Madame and bless your country.


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2. Refrain from speaking what is not true

3. Refrain from taking what is not offered

4. Refrain from sexual misconduct

5. Refrain from the use of intoxicants

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