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Interview from Radio 720 “Believe It Or Not”

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Johannesburg, South Africa • November 28, 1999
(originally in English)

M.C.: We are now going across to the lady that I was talking about earlier, The Supreme Master Ching Hai. In the eyes of the world, She is seen as many things. She’s seen as an artist, as a spiritual teacher, a humanitarian, and a poet. Certain people who know Her personally describe Her not only as being a living enlightened saint, full of wisdom and compassion, but also someone with a delightful sense of humor. We are very privileged and very pleased to have Supreme Master Ching Hai joining us tonight.

I am delighted that you’re joining us on the program. Now, first of all, because You are coming here new to South Africa, so people don’t yet know a lot about You and they may not know of Your work. I would like You to describe, what does being a “Supreme Master” mean and “Supreme Master” of what?

M: This is what the people in my group call me. We have many masters in our group also, so in case people get us mixed up, they call me the “chief one,” just like “superintendent.” (Master laughed)

The Only Path to God is Inside

M.C.: Tell us about Your life because You don’t follow one particular religion, do You?

M: We have only one religion, and so different names do not make any difference to us, really.

M.C.: What do You mean? What is that one religion?

M: We worship one God. In different religions, we describe Hirm with different names. That’s according to my knowledge. So, there’s no need to make another religion or to say I follow one and forsake another.

M.C.: So, what do You do? What is Your message? What is Your work?

M: The message is from the Most High, not from myself as a person, but from the highest most loving Power of the universe; it is that we should know God. The purpose of our coming here is to know Hirm. Therefore the earlier we know, the better, so we can find peace within ourselves and we can make peace outside in the world.

M.C.: Why do we need yet someone else telling us this? There are so many religions; there are so many priests, there are imams, there are rabbis, there are all sorts of people, — why You?

M: Everyone is doing some wonderful job in a different way. Even if there are more people like me, it’s probably still not enough to remind our brothers and sisters that we should not forget God, because some of us do. And not only reminding by word of mouth, but we will also show them God face to face so that they can believe and remember Hirm, and be happy again.

Quan Yin Method is the Easiest Way to God

M.C.: How do You show someone God face to face?

M: “God” is an abstract term to call our Creator, the Most High. We could see Hirm the way Moses has seen Hirm, the way Jesus, St. John, and other ancient Masters have seen Hirm. When God manifests to us within our heavenly vision, we can see Hirm as Light, brilliant Light, as thousands of suns. Or we can hear Hirm talk in a Voice as mighty as the thunder, as great as the ocean waves, etc. There are much more when we can calm our minds and go within the Kingdom of God within ourselves. We can experience a lot more about God; Hes manifests in many different ways.

M.C.: How do You bring people to that revelation — to that understanding?

M: I do not have to bring people to that state because we all have the Kingdom of God within ourselves, as it says in the Bible. The moment we calm our mind in a special way — there is a way to calm the mind quicker than other ways, and our way is the quickest way you can calm the mind and remember the Kingdom of God. It happens almost immediately.

M.C.: How do You do that, Master Ching Hai?

M: It is not I that do this; it’s the Father that uses this physical instrument. When anyone is ready and wants to come to Hirm again, then Hes will just do that. Hes will reconnect Hirmself to Hirmself within us.

M.C.: You make it sound very easy.

M: Yes, it is absolutely easy, Madame.

M.C.: Because there are so many people who struggle with faith.

M: I know that. It is because they don’t know the easiest way. We can struggle for thousands of years and not see God, but if we know it, then it’s a second, a fraction of a second.

M.C.: You said if you know the way, how does one know it?

M: Some people who know the way show us.

M.C.: For example?

M: For example, I know the way; I can show people the way to concentrate, the way to reconnect ourselves with Ourselves, with the greatest God.

Where Else Should We Come From but Heaven?

M.C.: You talk about the Bible, but the background I have read about You says in fact that You are not a Christian, You are not a Buddhist, whatever, but You quote the Bible.

M: I am a believer of all religions because I have found that the essence of all the religious scriptures point toward one thing — that is we have one God. We don’t even need the Bible to know this. There must be a Creator for all the beautiful things that we see with our naked eyes; but there are more beautiful things, which we can see with our spiritual eyes.

M.C.: For example again?

M: For example, we can ascend to Heaven and see that the scenery, the life, and the beings there are a thousand-fold more beautiful.

M.C.: How do we know? Who has been there and come back and reported?

M: We can go there any time; I mean, the ones who practice this way of Heaven. There is a way to go back there; that is the way we came from. If we came from Heaven, we must be able to go back there.

M.C.: But how do we know we came from heaven?

M: We can prove that to ourselves by going back there to look. Where else should we come from? (Master laughs) Suppose we don’t come from Heaven, where else should we come from? Should we come from hell? We are the children of God. Jesus told us that; Buddha told us that; Mohammed told us that, and we can even prove that to ourselves. If God created us, we are the children of God. We must come from Heaven.

M.C.: There are a lot of people who don’t believe in God and who don’t believe that God created us.

M: Right. Well, I don’t argue with these people. Sooner or later, they will have to believe. Maybe they believe in their hearts, but they do not want to admit it. Sometimes, it’s fashionable to be different; it’s okay.

M.C.: Okay, I want to go to the lines. I’m talking to Supreme Master Ching Hai Who’s going to be attending the Parliament of Religion. She is a very, very well-known speaker. She travels throughout the world speaking about enlightenment, speaking about God, and trying to convince people and show people the way that they too can experience God.

M.C.: Sister, I don’t know if You heard the caller’s thoughts?

M: Not really.

M.C.: What he was basically saying is that it doesn’t matter what creation myth you choose to believe in or the old stories or whatever, the Creator exists in each one of us, and we find Him or Her our own way.

M: Right. That’s correct.

To Know God is Easier Than Breathing

M.C.: So, You are going to be talking and giving workshops — what sort of thing will You be doing at the workshops?

M: I probably will introduce to people the sure way to Heaven. If people are interested and are ready to know their Origin, to know our Father or Mother, then I will show them in a practical way. We will sit down together and let the God within us connect each other again.

M.C.: You make it all sound so easy!

M: Madam, believe me, it’s easier than breathing.

M.C.: I am playing “devil’s advocate” here, You understand.

M: No. No. It’s fine, please ask anything.

M.C.: There are so many thousands of people listening, who are saying maybe the things You say could be interpreted as arrogance. You know the way; therefore, You can show people the way or You’re saying “Do as I do, and we can all be saved and go to Heaven.” There are a lot of intellectual questions posed here.

M: God is not to be argued or even to be discussed. We just sit down and I tell you, “Now you will see God,” and that’s how You do. It’s as easy as that. The Bible says that the Kingdom of God is within you, right?

M.C.: Yes.

M: The Bible says that we are the temple and the Holy Spirit lives within us, so who else is in there but God? If God lives within yourself, isn’t that easy to find? Hes is there already.

M.C.: Yes, if you believe in the Bible. What about the people who prefer to believe in the Koran or the “Bhagavad Gita,” etc.?

M: It’s the same, Madame. It points to the same enlightenment, of knowing the Source of ourselves. You can call it Buddha, Godhood, Allah — it doesn’t matter. It is just like we call our loved ones by different names — sweetheart and honey-pie. And in different languages, they even use different names. We don’t translate all these names, and then we argue with each other whether Buddha is higher or Christ is higher. In fact, both of these terms are Hebrew and Sanskrit terms for the same thing — “Enlightened Saint.”

Everything is Made from the Word

M.C.: One of the things You do, (I’m reading from Your pamphlet) You initiate sincere spiritual aspirants into the Quan Yin Method of meditation. This event has been described as opening of the wisdom eye and sudden or immediate enlightenment by the great Master above. Will You talk us through this Quan Yin Method of meditation?

M: Quan Yin is just the Chinese term for “Word,” vibration, heavenly sound, or melody. In our worldly language, it is very difficult to unify the meaning of the same thing, so I would refer to the Bible, which states, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Everything that was made was made by the “Word,” and nothing was made that was not made by this. So, in order to find our Origin, we have to return to where we came from; we have to trace back the “Word” that was with God and that was even God. That’s what we are made of. Also, everything else in this universe is made of this Essence, of the tremendous energy of the universe, which we could call God Almighty. When Hes manifests in this world, Hes dwells within us as a human being and manifests materially as a human being so that we can see each other. Or Hes manifests in the flowers, the food we eat, the fruit that we like, etc. These are the material aspects of God.

M.C.: What about this Quan Yin Method of meditation?

M: “Quan Yin” means the “Word” of God. We retrace the “Word” of God to go back to be united with Hirm. Quan Yin is just the Chinese name. You see, this is how we argue again, because the “Word” is “Quan Yin.” Quan Yin means contemplate on this “Word” of God, on this vibration of the Universal Power, which makes all beings. But then I started in Formosa, and this word is Chinese, they just keep using it as a habit.

Manifestations of the Most High

M.C.: Let’s go to the lines. Sharon?

S: I’ve heard when people who have been found clinically dead see the light and experience a great Being, they will see the appropriate person according to their belief system or religion — like you might meet Moses, or Jesus, or Buddha. I’ve just spoken to a friend who saw You in Cape Town and You spoke about death and attitude towards death, and I just need You to discuss this.

M.C.: In other words, where do people go when they die and do they meet people they know?

S: No, what I’ve heard is that if you’re a Christian, you’ll meet the Christ, if you are a Buddhist, you’ll see the Buddha.

M.C.: Thanks, Sharon.

M.C.: Basically, Sharon wants to know about “death” and “after death.” She was suggesting that She had heard that if you are a Hindu, you are going to a Hindu heaven and meet Hindu saints and gods and goddesses. If you are Christian, you’ll meet Christ. So, it’s very culturally orientated, culturally focused. She wants to know Your views on “after death.”

M: In short, it is partially correct what she has heard. The Most High manifests in different ways; Hes also could manifest as Christ or Buddha, in case that person who dies does not know another religion outside his own. It is also fine, because it’s all God’s manifestations, anyhow. But for example, in our group, sometimes we meditate in the way that we die daily; we leave the physical body for a while and come back. And the person, who meditates, even if he is a Christian, sometimes sees the Buddha in his vision and learns with Him, or sometimes the Buddhist has the honor to meet Christ so that he can know that God is One. But in the case of a person who dies, because he is used to Christ or Buddha, God doesn’t want to confuse him. If He wants to greet him to Heaven, then He will send whoever is the representative or the master that that person believes in. For the beginning, and later, he will learn to know that all Masters are sons of God and They say the same thing. They teach human beings to remember the greatest One.

M.C.: We’re going to take a very short break. ..... Welcome back to “Believe It Or Not.” I’m Kate Turkington, grappling with the meaning of life and meeting God. Our guest tonight, The Supreme Master Ching Hai, has utmost faith in Her calling and in the facts. She said that it’s a fact that She can reintroduce people to God and show them to Heaven. I’m grappling with some of these concepts, Ching Hai, I must tell You. I’m going straight to the lines and talk to Johan. Johan, your question?

J: (not clear)

M.C.: Johan wants to know how did Your insight come to You? Was it a revelation? Did they come over a period of time? What was the process?

M: It is a kind of revelation, but it is a continuous revelation on a daily basis, every time, not just one time. And it comes because of the initiation into this way of Heaven. There is a way for everything in this world; there’s a way to drive a car, a way to play football, a way to access the Internet. Similarly, there is a way to Heaven and some people know it. It’s just like a science, very precise. And everyone, I repeat, everyone can have this experience of Heaven and develop himself and his connection with God every day after he knows how. It just takes about half an hour to explain to him what to remember, what to pay attention to, and where to remember to find God. Because we look in a different direction, we don’t see God. It is just like if you are talking to me and I talk to someone else, then I cannot hear you, but if I talk in the receiver and listen to your voice, then I know you are there and you know I’m there. It’s just that there is a way and many of us have forgotten. God has not sent us here without a map to go back Home.

Asceticism Does Not Denote a Master

M.C.: Let’s talk to Ivan.

I: I have been reading the booklet, “The Key of Immediate Enlightenment.” It is a wonderful booklet. There’s hardly anything that one can disagree with. It’s all the same, the spiritual teachings, the same kind of moral code that most of the religions are teaching. So, this is very, very much in line with my own belief. In my previous observation, they all have a lot in common, and what Master Ching Hai is looking for is the common thread that runs through all religions. There is only one thing that confuses me about You, Master Ching Hai, apart from being incredibly beautiful, I mean You can’t help that...

M: You have seen me in person?

I: You are an incredibly beautiful person physically in Your pictures and so on.

M: Thank you.

I: Most of the spiritual Masters that I know about like Moses, Jesus, Buddha, and all the other Buddhist masters and the Hindu gurus, and so on, all seemed to have adopted an ascetic way of life.

M: Right. I did that before.

I: You decided to go against the grain by wearing the most incredibly beautiful, ornamental clothes. You don’t think this is somehow putting some people off? It doesn’t put me off; I can see behind the material packaging, but don’t You think this is putting a lot of people off by being unspiritual?

M: Maybe so, sir, but I’m only a servant of God. I have to do absolutely what Hes says even though it’s against my liking. And also these things that I design myself, I have to model them.

I: Yes, You design most of these clothes. The only kind of criticism that I could possibly have is that most of them wear simple clothes and all of the beautiful ornamental clothes that You wear. And the other thing is that You refer God as Him. Could You please explain that a little bit more and I will listen on the radio?

M: It can be called “Her” also. It’s just that most people call God, “Him,” so I just go with the trend so as not to confuse people. Otherwise, God is not a Him or a Her.

Also, a more extended answer to your question is that not all of the gurus are wearing ascetic clothes. For example, the Guru Gobind Singh of the Sikhs wore all kinds of pearls and beautiful clothes. And the Quan Yin Bodhisattva of Buddhism always wore clothes like a princess, for example to cite a few. It depends on the destiny of the Master or the teacher at that time or on the condition of the world at that time, that God has ordained someone to do this or that. But, you are right; I would prefer also a simple life. It’s easier.

Enlightenment Releases Dormant Talents

M.C.: You also write poetry and we have some examples of Your poetry in the booklet, and I see that You do celestial artwork. Now, isn’t that rather pretentious to call Your artwork celestial? I might call Michelangelo’s celestial; I might call Leonardo’s celestial, but it seems a very presumptuous word to me to describe one’s artwork as celestial.

M: It is because I have inspiration from Heaven, so I credited it to Heaven and not my own human ability. I wasn’t able to do that before and since God has given me enlightenment, I have been able to do many things, and so I credited that to heavenly grace.

M.C.: And the poetry, would You put down to heavenly grace?

M: No, not all of the poetry is celestial. The poems are my own feelings even before enlightenment and so they are called accordingly. If it is made for God, then of course you can call it celestial or heavenly, but if it was before that, they are just named differently, like “Traces of a Previous Life” or “Love Poetry,” “War Poetry.” They are just the way they are, and called accordingly.

I also have made poems which are in the name of God; for example, “I Will Forever Love You,” and “The Ocean of Love” refer to God, but they are not called celestial poetry.

God Bestowed Title of Supreme Master

M.C.: Okay, let’s talk to Edgar. What Edgar wants to know is: Are there other masters, who are preaching either the same message or maybe a different message in other places of the world?

M: There are, yes. There are quite a few, and there are many more in different levels of consciousness and many different levels of understanding about God. But they all try their best to bring humankind’s consciousness into a higher level, to make our planet a more beautiful place, and a safer place.

M.C.: I’m still not clear in my mind about this concept of Master and Supreme Master. Where does this title come from?

M: God bestowed it.

M.C.: So, You have decided that God bestowed on You the title of Supreme Master?

M: I have not decided it; Hes told me.

M.C.: So, Hes has told You that You are the Supreme Master?

M: No, it is so people will know that it is Hes Who speaks. It is not a human being who speaks. It’s not me, not “I,” the physical being that speaks; it is the Master that speaks.

M.C.: So You say to Your followers, “This is not me, Ching Hai speaking; this is the voice of God?”

M: No, the teaching, the One that connects them to Heaven again, is God’s power; that is from Hirm. No human being can do that.

M.C.: Okay, we’re going to take a short break. ... Welcome back; I’m talking to Supreme Master Ching Hai. “Supreme Master,” a God-given title or God-endowed title, it is not something you can earn at a university, in graduate studies, or whatever. Apparently, it is something that you are given.

I would also like You, Supreme Master Ching Hai, to clear up a couple of things in my own mind. You design and sell jewelry. I find that at odds with being such a spiritually enlightened person.

M: Not really, I use the money to travel, to buy airplane tickets and to work for God, and the rest I give to charity for the poor people. There’s nothing unspiritual about that. I need to have money to go around to talk to people and to go by airplane and taxi. I cannot take donations because God has told me I can only give, I cannot take.

M.C.: You can sell, but You cannot take?

M: I can only give. I sell, of course; it’s my work and my labor. I don’t take it away from people.

M.C.: No.

M: I sell, and then I take the money and give it to people; that I can do, but I cannot take donations.

Vegetarian Diet is Less Burdensome to the Soul

M.C.: Your five precepts that You talk about in Your booklet, “The Key of Immediate Enlightenment” — “Refrain from taking the life of sentient beings,” would that include flies, cockroaches, and mosquitoes?

M: If we can help it. Otherwise, of course human beings are more precious than insects; we are not to be fanatic. I just advise people to keep their houses clean so they don’t have to even do this.

M.C.: “To refrain from speaking what is not true,” I think that’s true for most creeds.

M: Yes.

M.C.: “Refrain from taking what is not offered.”

M: Right. Don’t steal; that’s what it means.

M.C.: “Refrain from sexual misconduct.”

M: No adultery, just like the Bible’s commandment.

M.C.: Okay, and “Refrain from the use of intoxicants.”

M: No drugs. Refrain from cigarettes even, if possible. But drugs are the most important — drugs and alcohol which intoxicate you, and cigarettes, slowly abstain.

M.C.: To get back to Your number 1 — “Refrain from taking the life of sentient beings.” There is a little rider to this that says, “The keeping of this precept requires a vegan or lacto-vegetarian diet.” Can you not see God if you are not vegetarian?

M: No, you can see God the same. It’s just that the higher we go, the less baggage we should carry. The animals’ energies do tend to drag us a little into a lower kind of energy, so we’d better refrain from it if we want our soul to be less burdened. That’s all. But even without a vegetarian diet, we can see God immediately. The people who come to me, the first night or the first day, have not been vegetarian, but they also can see God immediately. I have to let them see so that they can believe, and then of course when they believe in God and when God enters their soul again, they will be purified. They will gladly and willingly be vegetarian also, from then on.

Remember that God is Forever Loving

M.C.: Supreme Master Ching Hai, what message do You have for someone who is listening?

M: Just remember God. Even though you don’t see Hirm, Hes is forever merciful. Hes is not a vengeful God; Hes is not a jealous God; He is forever loving, She is forever loving, forgiving. So at the time you die, you must remember that God is the only one, and God is forever loving you. Just remember this so that you can go directly to Heaven. Do not believe in hell; do not believe in punishment from God. God loves you always, no matter who and what you are because you are Hirm.

M.C.: Just one last question. What does a person see when they see God?

M: Well, he can see many aspects of God because God is infinite. For example, one aspect is the Light and another aspect is the way Hes speaks to you. Hes imparts wisdom to you in a voice that sounds like thunder, in a voice that sounds like the ocean, a voice like melody, a voice that soothes your soul and calms your nerves, that opens your wisdom and endears you to Hirm again, makes you become a saint, makes you become a heavenly being again like you were before. But you also can see Jesus or Buddha, Hiers representatives, the past Masters, and talk to Them and learn from Them.


The Five Precepts

1. Refrain from taking the life of sentient beings

2. Refrain from speaking what is not true

3. Refrain from taking what is not offered

4. Refrain from sexual misconduct

5. Refrain from the use of intoxicants

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