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The Communication Method in the Higher World

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hsihu Center, Formosa • April 12, 1994
(Originally in Chinese)

In the higher world, we do not need to communicate in words at all. We radiate magnetic waves and others can receive them. Language is just a form of magnetic waves, or a kind of vibration. After we get used to listening to this kind of vibration, we will know what others are saying, mountains or water. If we receive another kind of systematic training, we are able to communicate with magnetic waves, instead of any kind of language. It is like all the world uses the same language, and when we think about something, others are able to receive. Because thinking is a kind of force, radiating its wavelength to others like a magnetic wave. They will receive and understand it.

Sometimes you say that no matter where the Master is, She will answer our prayers. A lot of people have told me about their experiences like this. Most of them are fellow initiates; however, many non-initiates have also experienced this. It is not that I have a radio here and overhear what you think about inside. Instead, we have another kind of magnetic-wave communication system, so we know others’ thinking. We do not need to record it in the worldly language. We understand what long and short magnetic waves mean, the speed used for the emergency wave, and the meaning of slow and gentle waves.

An enlightened master knows the meaning of the varied wave forms radiated from the suffering beings, and responds with messages to help them or tell them what to do. In this situation, we say that this enlightened master saves the suffering beings, or they received messages from within and escaped the disaster. The enlightened master and the suffering beings are one within; they have the same kind of vibration inside, even though they have not found their own real selves. However, the enlightened master knows how to communicate with the real selves of the suffering beings, tells them how to overcome their crises. They receive helping messages just like we receive messages from the radio.

Enter The United Planets’ Network

That is why we need to practice the Quan Yin Method. The Buddhist sutra mentioned that the Buddha speaks a kind of language understood by all sentient beings. We use magnetic waves, vibrations or passwords to communicate. There is only one language in the universe. Whoever understands this password, knows how to receive and radiate it, can communicate with the whole universe.

The universe is like a network, and each planet is related to the other. If we can enter the network system of the United Planets, we know everything. We will be saved if we encounter any difficulty, and our prayers will be answered. We all have radios at home, and we are able to receive messages at home, which are transmitted from the radio station. If we switch to that channel on the radio station, then, we are within the broadcasting network. If you do not have a radio at home, you can not receive anything even though the radio station is next to you.

The Highest Bi-directional Communication System

Similar to this, the practitioner is the one who enters the system in which all beings are one. No matter where we are, the master station can receive our emergency requests, know what we are going to say. The radio and broadcasting station is uni-directional, but our system is bi-directional like the telephone. For example, you understand whatever I say and I understand what you say, too. We are able to communicate both ways. It is the highest communication system even without any equipment.

However, if we have not practiced to a high level, the communication seems to be one way. Only the master can receive your message, but you can not receive the master’s message. We may feel we receive something; however, the message seems not clear to us, because there is some obstacles in between. Maybe we have not tuned our instrument completely. Sometimes, we make a phone call or turn on the radio, we hear a lot of noises and can not get a clear message, then we have to fix it promptly. Maybe we are far away from the radio station and blocked by mountains or barriers. Like the cordless telephone, it can not get through in mountains.

However, our communication will not be obstructed by the mountain unless we obstruct ourselves with barriers like mountains and block Master’s blessing. We doubt Master, or we are not confident enough, so we think we are not worthy to be saved by the Master. We are used to thinking we have heavy karma, or we feel arrogant and would like to be on our own rather than rely on others. There are many reasons for us to be blocked in our own prejudice and put ourselves in a prison without communicating or feeling the Oneness. That is why we can not receive messages from the Master. For example, if we wear a raincoat, then we will not be affected by the rain.


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