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News 93, Master Says

The Different Working Systems in the Universe

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Youngdong Center, Korea • May 9, 1998
(Originally in English)

Actually the system of working in this world is of course boring most of the time. Because of survival, a lot of people have to waste their talents, time and precious freedom in order to earn a living. That’s what makes many workers miserable, because they feel they are forced to do it. They are trained to do only one job and they can’t change. But the perfect system would be that each one should be able to work the way he or she wants, and not because of the money. But then everyone should be provided enough to survive and with everything else extra, then you do what you want.

In some of the other more advanced societies in the universe, you don’t have to work for a living. Everywhere they have like a common kitchen, a common store. Everyone can exchange their labor, exchange their work, their crafts for the goods that they need and even if they don’t have any, they can also have something. But if they want extra, they have to strive in different ways, and each one just contributes his talents or his abilities to society. Not for the money, but for the pleasure of it, for the honor of contributing. And money doesn’t exist in those societies because they don’t need any. You are always provided with whatever you need in such highly developed societies.

People don’t need much; they know what they need and mostly just the basics. The rest of the time they spend leisurely developing their own talents, their own hobby or whatever field they choose to develop. That’s why the more they are free, the more they are developed. They don’t have to worry about the material necessities like in our society. It’s an entirely different system and people are happier like that.

Maybe in the future our planet will be in such an environment, maybe in 3000 years (Master and everyone laugh) when everyone is vegetarian and meat would be a kind of naughty,(Master laughs) break where they have a restaurant very far in a remote corner of the planet. You have to take an airplane to go there to eat a meal and come back. (Laughter) If sometimes you want to be naughty. (Master laughs) Meat restaurants will be rare like we have vegetarian restaurants right now. Right now it’s the opposite. In many of the planets, other systems, I’ve heard that they’re more ideal, more ideal than ours. Our system is very physical. Everything is concentrated on survival, money, property, houses and all that. But in the other systems, they don’t need that; they are provided. Maybe you don’t even need a car to transport yourself around. Maybe you need just a safety belt, or a small apparatus, a button, and you just put it on your body somewhere; you just click and then you go anywhere you want. (Laughter)

Somewhere else you don’t even need that; you just ride on the clouds, or a lotus, a blade of grass or whatever. That’s more convenient, no pollution needed. (Master and everyone laugh) Our society is very physical, very dense in thinking and in the way we live, very dense. Other planets, their thinking is so noble, so light, if you happen to go there and associate with them, you feel you have not a worry in the world. You feel elated for no reason. You don’t even need to meditate to feel elated, you just feel like you’re in samadhi all the time. Your mind, your body is light like a cloud. Not that you become like an idiot or (Master laughs) blank in your mind. It’s just that everything becomes so simple, and easy. All thinking is with no effort. Everything you do is just so natural, so spontaneous and so loving, that you don’t even feel you’re doing it; and whatever you do you get satisfaction out of doing it, because you do it with love.

Not like in our system here, where we do it most of the time for survival. That’s what makes the job hard. Many people don’t like computers but they have to do it, because maybe that’s the most available job at the moment, high paying and easy. Then once they have trained in that direction, it’s difficult for them to train in another direction. They keep you eight, ten hours every day already; and once you go home, you’re exhausted. You have no other alternative. You have no energy to want to change. On weekends you have to do shopping, cook, wash your clothes, wash dishes or go out with your girlfriend.

Thus we ordinary people meditate, so at least we can survive in this world. When you do whatever job you do, at least you have more energy, more inspiration to do it. Otherwise, it’s even more boring if you don’t meditate; more burdensome. Unless you’re totally materialistic. (Master laughs) You don’t feel anything. Just go, come, go, come, eight to five, and then you don’t think, you don’t feel any burden or any suffering. It’s work. Maybe sometimes like a machine. Yes! If we still have some soul, a kind of remembrance of our origin, then working from eight to five will kill us. Many times it kills people but they become dull, they just accept it and they don’t want to think anymore. They just go on; that’s why many people have to reincarnate — because they can’t think in this life anymore, they’ve devoted more than half of their lifetime to working, earning, survival, necessity. So they don’t have time to think anymore. So they have to be reborn again, to think. (Master laughs) And maybe they don’t have time to think again in that lifetime, so then they have to be reborn again, again and again. Luckily we don’t have to, because at least we have space and time to think about ourselves.


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