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We are the Supreme Master

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA • March 28, 1993
(Originally in English)

How is everyone? Aloha! (Audience: Aloha!) Have you had a nice morning? (Audience: Yes!) Good breakfast? We eat whatever we think is proper and necessary to nourish this body. It’s just that there are some foods which are a little bit more poisonous and not helpful to the body, spirit and mind. The other foods are more helpful to us in attaining something higher than life. Similarly there are many paths to enlightenment and we may choose whatever we think is suitable to us so that we can nourish our soul and make it grow up and become one with God.

Anyhow, is this too serious? Should I crack a few jokes first? I don’t know much about Hawaiian jokes, and the jokes I already told you yesterday about my apartment next to the highway due to my disciples’ recession in our travelling budget, you heard already. Probably you read the newspapers and have heard that there is a recession everywhere in this world now, due to economical problems. Therefore, they also recessed my budget for travelling. (Master laughs.) Everywhere they rent a cheaper room even if it is on the edge of the highway. (Master laughs.)

Well, I pretend to be a very “highly developed“ person, (laughter) and I hear nothing from the outside world. But that naturally provides plenty of lights and sounds. The lights from the cars at midnight, and the sounds of continuous traffic. You can pretend that it is the sea wave sound, and it’s also amusing sometimes. It’s okay.

Meanwhile I can also listen to the sounds inside, by a special technique. Therefore even if I live next to the highway, it doesn’t affect much our spiritual practice. So a special technique is also very necessary, similar to a special diet.

Everything Is God’s Will

It’s not that we try to tell you what to do. It’s just that some of the ancient Masters have had experiences in experimenting with what is the best way for us to reach God, to reach the Supreme Master, which is within all of us. It is the Master of all Masters. Without this Supreme Master’s guidance, we do not know why we are here, and what we should do. And whenever we do something, we never can be sure whether it is correct or not. It’s not that we don’t want to do correct things, it’s just that sometimes or most of the time we do not know what is God’s will, or what is the proper action to take in different circumstances. Therefore we make mistakes.

We have heard that everything is God’s will. Even a hair falling down from our head is according to the Lord’s pre-arrangement. But then why do we have to suffer for what we do? As the Bible says, As you sow, so shall you reap. Isn’t that paradoxical? Isn’t that too unfair for us? Well, it isn’t.

It is unfair in one way and not in the other. Unfair because if everything is God’s will, why should we be punished for the things that we do? But it is fair because God has given us a way to overcome all these fearsome, so-called punishments.

It’s just that we do not know how to use it or maybe we do not want to use it, because life after life we have been used to the so-called easy way. We do what we feel like doing at that moment, we live our life according to the dictates of our habits and the collected information that we have through our eyes, ears, nose, touch, etc. We have forgotten God’s commandments.

Many of the people ask me, “Why do we have to practice? Why do we have to sit in meditation?“ Actually we don’t need to sit, we can lay down just as well to meditate. But then when we lay down, we are just down! You know? Lay and down! (Laughter) Instead of hearing the inside sounds; we might hear the outside sound- snoring sound! (Laughter) Instead of seeing the vision of God or heaven, we see all kinds of dreams, nightmares sometimes, that trouble us when we wake up.

Therefore when we sit, there is less chance of going to sleep. Even if you do sleep, you will fall down on the floor and then wake up immediately. At least you can sleep maybe five or ten minutes, and the rest you meditate.

There is a difference between sleeping and waking visions. When we sleep, sometimes we have visions of dreams which are very useful for our daily lives; or maybe it predicts something in the future and prepares us for some events which we may be able to avoid, should it be unpleasant, or to amend, should it be a little bit grave for us. These are the dreams which are sometimes true. But very seldom people have the ability to analyze the dreams and make use of them in their lives.

What is it that makes people sleep and dream these dreams so useful, predicting something in the near future or some true events? It is because when we sleep sometimes our soul gets in touch with the source of our knowledge and peacefulness. Then sometimes the mind at that time is not truly asleep, therefore it can register some of the information that we have gathered in the store room of wisdom. When we wake up, we still remember it. Otherwise, most of the time we just remember vaguely that we had dreamed; but we don’t know, we can’t remember the details of the dreams. So if we bring this sleeping information into the waking state, it would be more useful.

To meditate is to sleep but in a wakeful state. Then all the information we have gathered within the store house of wisdom, we can see clearly, consciously, and know what is what. That’s why an enlightened person is wiser, happier, content; because he knows what to do, and then the subconscious mind also has all the information open to it to know even the past lives and the future events.

But that is just a between state, it’s not the highest state even, you will be surprised to hear. When you reach the highest state, you go back to ignorance. (Master laughs.) Is that very disappointing? Oh! Don’t worry, but this is a different one!

There are two kinds of ignorance. One is the ignorant ignorance, and the other is the saintly ignorance. Both look the same but are not! It’s just like scientifically we all know that two extremes look alike. For example, very intense darkness or very great light we both can not see. In the extreme darkness, we don’t see any light; or in the extremely high frequency of light, we also can not see the light. So both look like darkness, but it is not so.

The light inside the light of the extreme intelligence is without shadow and substance, that’s why we can hardly see it with our eyes. Even sometimes we see it with the wisdom which doesn’t need an eye, we still feel like it hurts our physical eyes. But then afterwards we will be used to it; it will feel like when we are looking into very ordinary daylight, and it won’t hurt anymore.

The Sage Looks Like The Ignorant

Some of the people asked me yesterday what is it like when you go into the samadhi state? He asked me whether the highest level is when you become nothing, you are not aware of your body, not aware of your environment and all that.

It is not even the highest state. In the highest state you are able to function in your daily life just as ordinary beings while having a super awareness surpassing that of the mind computer, of all things that are going on in the universe.

Therefore your mind might not know about it and therefore you look like an ignorant person. But everything is done at the level of soul consciousness, universal consciousness. And every being who thinks of you, who prays to you, and who needs your help, you will be able to help them, to hear them, to see them, to tackle their problems accordingly without the interference of the mind.

The mind, is just like a computer only. Even if we use the mind, it’s not that great, it’s limited. We can’t be all pervading, omnipresent, etc.

The sage looks like the ignorant, it’s like that; and the sage could be always in sahmadi. It means in the absolute state; he doesn’t look like it. It’s not necessary that someone always sit there, cross legged and unmindful or unaware of everything going on, always in a blissful trance within himself.

Not necessarily is he the greatest sage or has he the highest attainment. If he is not yet able to function within our worldly life as a normal being, then he has not yet arrived at the highest level. But then that’s what makes it difficult for us to realize who is the highest one and who is not.

Normally we have the conception of a sage or yogi sitting in the Himalayas and not moving at all, like a piece of lifeless stone or something. It must not be so. Of course if an enlightened person has nothing to do, then he would sit in meditation, read books, just walk around or do anything — cooking, running, sitting, or standing, cross legged or not cross legged. This has nothing to do with the state inside of a person.

In our way of practice it is difficult to detect. Suppose a highly developed person sits next to you right now. Probably yesterday or just before he came here, he had a very high vision of the Lord or high revelation of some kind, but then now he just sits next to you and you do not know, do not see him as such.

Even though we may feel the very harmonious atmosphere which generates from that person, most often if we do not pay attention, we may not even notice; we just feel good but we don’t know why. You might think today I am happy; my body is healthy; or I ate sausage, it was very nutritious, or something that makes me feel good. It’s not necessary so.

Therefore in our daily lives if we truly look for God, we can see Hierm anywhere. I may report to you that in this age of much trouble and disaster we also have great hope because God has ordained many saints to come to our world. And the messages are almost identical — that is, we should seek the kingdom of God first, then everything else will fall into place.

Normally we try to take care of the worldly problems first. We take things into our hands, we try to run the universe. But we always feel very disappointed because even the best leader in the political field can only satisfy people temporarily, and bring them some kind of material comfort. We can not take care of the whole world by just our political skill or any other ability, and that’s the problem. It doesn’t matter how good our intention may be. It is because we have to first seek the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God means this Supreme power within us. We have connection with it, that’s why it is said God made man in his own image. Image doesn’t mean our profile, our body or our way of life. It is the image of the invisible, universal power that we are made of. Therefore the creative power and destructive power are also within ourselves.

Most of the time we see disasters come from heaven, for example, earthquakes or anything else. They destroy a lot of houses, many things, many lives; and then we think that’s terrible! How terrible! How could God do this to mankind? But it was not as terrible as when we dropped an atom bomb, and the effect was longer lasting. More lives have been destroyed in wars than in any disasters. Is that not so? (Audience: Yes.)

Make Good Use Of The Constructive And Destructive Power

So if we stop to think about it, most of the disasters are brought upon ourselves by our own misunderstandings, misuse of the power of God. God has given us the constructive power and the destructive power for different uses; we should destroy what we need to destroy, and we should build what has to be built. But sometimes we use them in the wrong direction, it is because we do not know the better way. Because we are not illuminated by the light of wisdom.

It is very simple to find God. It is very simple to know ourselves. The only thing which stands in the way is our own ego, our own preconceived ideas about what to do, about what God is and how to find God. Actually we are endowed with this power, and it is no big deal to find it.

If we have something in our pocket, is it difficult to get it out? No. If I have these beads on my neck, is it difficult to give them or to show them to you? No, it isn’t! It’s just that because our attention is always wondering around looking at lamps, seeking things, and all that, we forget what we have.

Therefore I say immediate enlightenment because it is there already. It’s just a matter of turning the attention to where it is, instead of turning the attention to all over the place. Why do we have to turn the attention to this power? Because without this, we can’t work properly, we make a mess of our world, of our life and of everything we have a good intention to accomplish. That’s why the world is as it is today.

Thousand, billion, trillions of years and we have not advanced to the civilization standard of other planets. For example, other people have UFO’s, we don’t. It’s alright to envy the neighbor who has the Mercedes or Rolls Royce. Why don’t we envy the neighboring planet for UFO’s? It would be a faster and higher aspiration. Now other planets have UFO’s for sale. If the price is reasonable... It’s just we can’t get there to buy them and they wouldn’t dare come here to sell them. (Laughter)

Some of the planet businessmen are very eager to come here to establish their enterprises with our earthly people, and to teach us higher technology; but they dare not come. What with the polluted air of our Earth, they would die when they landed. We would probably rob them before they’d have a chance to open their mouths to talk about a deal. Or we might shoot them because we’d think they were invaders. We doubt everyone except our own ignorance. That’s the trouble with us.

Now with all the money we have spent making rockets, trying to go the Mars and all that without success, we could buy UFO’s; because on other planets, the materials are cheaper, and more durable than ours on Earth. For example, the diamonds there are in big blocks. So if you want to wear diamonds all over your body it’s fine. It is not necessary that we buy just a piece like this and it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some good ones cost a lot of money; but, on these kinds of planets they use diamonds to make UFOs, because they are more durable when they are in contact with the atmosphere. When it’s rubbing with the air, if the substance is not durable enough it will break.

Sometimes their techniques also have trouble, some of the first ones broke down, a long time ago. We have read in the newspapers that we have found pieces of these broken down vehicles and some of the fragments of the beings there. Maybe these was one being that was kind of robot anyhow. Other planets are more technologically advanced because they are more in touch with their wisdom.

We thought that Jesus and Buddha died and then disappeared into Nirvana; it is not the truth. We can contact Jesus and Buddha if we have the ability to do so and if we can locate where they are. What dies? Just the fleshly clothes. I wear this cloth, and after some years it will become decayed and fall into pieces, become dust again. Similarly our body is just a kind of different fabric. It decays a little bit, the decaying process is longer and just gives a different smell, that’s all.

It is not we who die, therefore when we say so-called living — we move, we talk, we love each other, we can feel each other’s feelings. When we so-call die, the body is still the same, the brain is still there, and everything is intact; but still we can’t move, can’t feel anything through the body at all. The body just lays there just like a discarded garment of no use. That is because the real we, the real I just got out of it.

Similarly in the meditation practice we come and go into the body at will, just like when we take off the clothing that we wear and change into another or put it back on when we come back. It’s very easy, therefore children can do it.

Children do it even better because they are not so complicated, do not have confused preconceptions about what it is like, what it is not like, about God and whatever. Everything they think is pure and simple.

Therefore if we turn into a child, we can experience God faster. It is very simple to say I turned into a child and I experienced God, but it is not easy to do so if we don’t know how. It is very simple but it is not easy, because we don’t know how.

It’s just like you put your glasses in your pocket and then you are busy doing some household work. Later when you want to find your eyeglasses, you can’t find them. You look all over the place, you turn every stone up, table and everything; and you can’t find them. They are all the time in your pocket. If you don’t look there, you can’t find them. That’s very simple.

Everyone Needs Enlightenment

Therefore immediate enlightenment is nothing to question, everyone can have it and immediately. Because I will just show you where it is. It is inside you because the Kingdom of God is within us. God is all the nobleness, the goodness that all humanity generates together, has created together. That is why God is within us, and that is the common good of all mankind.

We can make use of it or we don’t have to make use of it, it’s up to us. If we use it, it’s so much better for ourselves in our daily work even, and so much better for our planet. We can see how fast we grow into the galaxy united spirit and work with all beings on different planets.

Our life could be more meaningful, more colorful, more broad in every aspect, instead of clinging to a corner of our Earth and knowing not much about why we are born and why we have to die after so much trouble of birth, growing, and enduring so much suffering and so much misery, which are not always entirely our fault. And we don’t even understand where they come from and why they have to come. Therefore enlightenment truly is a must to everyone. Why should we live in darkness when we could switch on the light? If we know where the switch is, the light is always immediately turned on. Similarly light is within us in the whole universe, we have to just plug in or switch on, and then we are in the Kingdom of God, we are in the light.

We are here to offer you this knowledge of how to turn on your heavenly vision, television. You can watch and see what else is there, apart from our ephemeral body, apart from our limited Earth, apart from our very small amount of knowledge. We always worship the saints and sages of the past and the present. We envy them, love them, and adore them, but why? Because they have found their greatest supreme power.

We are exactly the same as these saints, not a little bit different, not at all different. It is better that we turn and worship ourselves. Know how great you are and then worship yourself. Everything is there for you, you don’t even need to ask for any blessings. They will flow into our lives everyday, because we are the source of all blessings, of all wisdom and love.

Then whether the neighbors love us or don’t love us, we just love them. We feel fulfilled in our giving and our loving, instead of expecting any love from other people. People will be also infected by our love and our wisdom; they will also become enlightened. Whoever even looks at us once will be different, never the same again. That is the power that we possess. We can use it anytime, anytime at all, if we know where. Just like electricity, if we know where to turn on the switch, the whole house, the electrical power is for our use. We can use it for cooking, turning on the fan, for the air conditioning, for the refrigerator, for video equipment, for television, for everything we wish to use; only if we know that we have the electrical power inside our house.

That’s what we want to offer you, to know what you have and how to use it. Otherwise, we do feel sorry that people live the way they do; and they shouldn’t, they don’t deserve to live such miserable lives. They are God’s children, they have God within themselves, they can let God rule and run their lives and do everything for them in God’s wisdom instead of in the limited brain computer power.

Therefore we run around ten hours or eight hours a day trying to do many things and trying to accomplish a great deal, but we can only do so much and our world is still like this. Even if we advance in some of the electromagnetic fields or in technology, we regress somewhere else because we don’t do it with wisdom and we don’t enlighten the world with the true wisdom which everyone has.

We try to copy some of the apparatus from the astral world which people reject up there, throw into the garbage and here we pick up and they become our top best selling inventions. Most of our technology are rejected things from the upper region.

Therefore the best thing is to enlighten all the people of the world and then each one uses his own greatest power to work together. Otherwise, if some person is working very hard here to do something, many of the others are against him or destroy. Many of our techniques are very destructive. We cause a lot of damage to our world, because of our so-called intelligence.

Intelligence and wisdom are different. Wisdom is wiser and we can see the whole universal plan. Intelligence is just from the brain. We collect some information and we pull it out again — very limited. That’s what we learn, and we see in flowers, from other beings; that is from very material information. If we use wisdom, we have the whole store house of the universal plan and then we can pick up whatever we need to benefit our world and ourselves. We can live in a higher state of thinking, higher state of perception.

It’s not the way we think as we do now. It’s just like when we grow up we think differently; we know things in a wiser way, not like when we were a child and we did not know what was behind many things. Therefore to be enlightened is to grow up in spirit and to do things in an adult way.

We have the ability to do this if we just know how. Of course, after enlightenment you will probably see things differently. You will see things just as dreams and have no more desire even to teach people. But then because of the destructive world, because of the misery of the world, because people call on you to help, you will have to do it for the sake of other people. Otherwise, to the enlightened sage, there is nothing to do. Okay, I think I’ll leave you to ask questions. Thank you very much.

Q: Dear Master, some meditation practitioners claimed that they saw a vision of a great disaster to human beings in the world. During that disaster, millions of people were killed, is that real? What is Your opinion?

M: It will be real, if many of our worldly residents do not wake up and use our own great saving power inside. God has given us the life saving power, but most of us don’t use it. Of course, everything is created and will be destroyed in the proper time, if we don’t have enough creative power to sustain it, to restore it.

Just like a house, it was built and if we have all the tools in the house, all the paint and all the equipment to repair the house but we don’t, then the house will fall down or be damaged by itself. Now even if the house is pulled down and damaged, we have emergency exits and all that. If we don’t know them, if we don’t use them, of course we will be in danger.

Therefore I would like to offer you this opportunity to save yourselves at least, should it come to that; but how many people hear me? The thing is so simple, unconditional, you just sit there and relax just like you sleep. Then all the power, all the knowledge of your past memory, and all the skills of life will come to you. It’s so simple, but how many heed this?

They keep on asking me all the time about the end of the world! We will end anyhow when we die, so we might just as well save our souls. If we want to save the world, we have to contribute our power, the supreme power. We have to take it back and use it; otherwise, who else can do this? The angels have their world, they have their duties to do; Jesus is teaching somewhere else more advanced than our earth; Buddha is gone to Buddha’s land and does His thing; only we are here to rescue ourselves.

If you are afraid of these disasters, then get enlightenment, repair our house, restore our world into more moral standards, and a more enlightened planet; then no disaster will befall us. Otherwise, even if I don’t know anything about the future, I could say yes, everything could happen. If the world is becoming so rotten a place, not fit to live, then God would pull it down and create a new one.

We Are The Supreme Master

Q: How do you develop the third-eye?

M: You don’t develop the third eye, it’s already there. We can’t develop what is not material. The third eye is just a way of speaking, there isn’t an eye at all! It just means normally we have two eyes and see things in a limited vision. But if we have the other eye, the third eye, we can see things in the whole universe. That’s why it’s called the third eye. Actually the soul doesn’t need the eye to see, doesn’t need ears to hear, doesn’t need any sensory apparatus to perceive things. That’s the highest truth, that’s the highest perception without having to use any fresh instruments. That is our soul power, the supreme master within us, which knows all things, hears all things in all ways, everywhere.

That’s what we have to find. Because we are the supreme master of all the universe, can you imagine how great you are, and how you live your life now? (Master sighs.) That’s why I feel very sorry for you. You come here to listen to me, you shouldn’t have to do it! We are equals, we are exactly the same, we have the same power. You shouldn’t even have to respect me, that’s a very sad thing. You know it if you accept what I say and then you know just what I know, what Christ knows, what Buddha knows.

Q: Dear Master, how do we develop our wisdom as lay people?

M: Lay or not lay, do I look like a monk or something? (Audience laughs.) I already grew my hair for you and you are still talking about lay and monk! There is no lay, no monk, there is only one, that’s the master, the master power. The Master never has to be a monk. That’s the God within you, God never needed us to shave our heads or go to anything, it’s just because we don’t know it. If we knew it, we would have already arrived there.

Lay people or no lay people, what are you talking about? I was ignorant when I became a nun, you don’t have to be! A true monk is one without desires, and you can do that in your daily life also. You have a wife. Because you have her, so you continue being devoted and faithfully love each other, and help each other to grow, to search for the non-wife and non-husband within, the non-feminine, non-masculine inside, the everlasting “we“.

Otherwise, what is a monk useful for? He recites the sutras, he eats vegetarian food, that you can do at home. Just because you have a little exercise with your wife or husband, that makes no difference. God doesn’t need all these things, these are at the physical level, we can grow above that.

A man who grows above the physical level is a monk. He can do things, or he can not do things. He doesn’t have to. These are just physical. We don’t talk about physical exercise, we go above that. Of course after being enlightened, a great deal of desires will fall out, and you just do things without desire. If you have to do something, you do it, if you don’t have to it, you don’t do it, very simple!

Q: What are Your views on reincarnation?

M: Reincarnation? There is no reincarnation. The soul never reincarnates, just our habitual thinking, our desires, our attachments that reincarnate. If we know the soul, if we are enlightened, if we know the connection with the whole universe, we are not reincarnated anywhere, we are always right there. We are never born, and never die.

All this theoretical talk. Just get enlightenment and you will know all things. No need to waste my paper. All the paper that I think my disciple printed for you, waste of money. Thinking about the recession of our time, and get enlightenment. Save everything, save printing, save paper, save time, and save the rent money for this lecture hall. (Master and everyone laugh.)

Q: Do you agree the planet is entering a new age of enlightenment and that the feminine influence will now prevail.

M: Why should the feminine aspect prevail? Just because you see me as a female Master? I am perhaps the only female Master, so I can’t beat all the male Masters in this world. It is not the feminine aspect, it is probably motherly love that prevails in our world. Because God is both feminine and masculine, we are both feminine and masculine; do not identify us with a female body or a man’s apparatus.

This is only the cloth we wear. Sometimes it’s different, just like I wear like this; the lady wears like that; and the gentleman loves sports, probably he just came from running, so he would wear that. So what’s wrong? Right? (Audience: Yes.)

If we enter the new enlightening age or not, is up to you to decide. It’s not up to me or anyone to say. If we all enlightened or many of us enlightened, we would enter a new enlightening age. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter who predicts what and who decides what age we are in, what is the use? We are still living in darkness.

Originally We Are One

Q: If we are all one, doesn’t your enlightenment enlighten me also?

M: Yes, but you don’t know that we are one; that’s the problem. If you already know that I and you are one, then of course my enlightenment is yours. But you don’t know, only I know.

Suppose the parents recognize the son that has been lost for many years, but the son doesn’t recognize the parents. So all the property from the parents, the son will not acknowledge, and he has no right to receive it. He has to prove, the parents have also tried to prove to the son that you are my son.

So I am trying to prove to you now, through the immediate enlightenment process that you and I are one and my enlightenment you can get also. Therefore you can get it immediately to prove that we are one. But now you sit there, I sit here, I can’t do much for you. Yes, I do something, but because you sit there and your attention is fixed on me and also the outer world, you can’t know it yet.

At initiation I tell you to focus inside and know where it is and immediately you see that we are one. What I have, you have, at least to some degree. Then you discover more and more about your greatness, day by day with the daily meditation practice.

Q: How does one overcome mental abuse by parents? Another, how does one know whether he or she has indeed forgiven someone?

M: Each family is different. Sometimes family members misunderstand each other. The parents try to do their best to look after the children, and the children sometimes look at it in a different way, and thinking that the parents are too over domineering; therefore they feel resentful. So we can never tell.

The best way I can tell you is be loving, kind to your parents because they are the representatives of God; they take care of you in the name of God, their love for you is the love of God through their bodies and care. Pray to God all the time with all your mind and sincerity, so that you see things in a different way. And if your parents truly are unknowingly abusing you, they will change and harmony will prevail within your family.

The second question is that, when you truly forgive someone, you have no more hatred towards that person, no more blaming, no more obstructive thinking, just very easy. When you see him or her, when you think of her, it’s just like you think they are like anyone else, without any of the resentment.

Q: Supreme Master Ching Hai, does God sit upon a thrown in heaven observing, judging and recording all our actions on earth to determine whether we shall rise to heaven or be doomed to eternal hell?

M: No, there is no such God. All these things whether happiness or disaster are brought upon ourselves by our own misunderstandings and abusing the power of freewill. So we have to correct our ways, using our freewill in a proper way; then we will be alright.

By the way, I would like to mention again about the meditation subject. Everyone just says, “I meditate and I can’t find anything, I can’t have peace of mind, I am in trouble, I am in a possessed state“, it is because you do it wrongly, you just call anything meditation.

Of course everyone meditates. People meditate on money, on fame, on power, on the political struggles and all that. Everyone meditates on something, but please don’t misunderstand that is meditation on God. Meditation has proper techniques, and it is safer to follow the footsteps of the great Masters of all times.

Q: How does using psychic ability hinder the spiritual development?

M: Because psychic ability is still one corner of the whole. If we cling to one corner, then we can not attain the complete state, that’s it. Just like magical power and all that, these are binding, golden chains.

Q: Is it important for us to tell our families about you, or will you take care of becoming known to them?

M: Oh, do what you can in your power. Otherwise, why should God use us at all? We do what we can, think properly, and leave the result to the universal plan. That’s the proper way; not always sitting there and waiting for the Master to do everything, or Master knows everything.

Of course I know everything — maybe, if I am a Master; but you have to know it as well, it’s your duty to know it. Your duty is to do what you have to do. Just like a student in a class, the teacher knows everything; but the student has to learn all the same, because the student can not say to the teacher, “Look, you know everything, you know all these questions, why ask me?“ Yes, it’s our duty, we have to know, we have to do what we should do.

Q: Is pain a part of God?

M: No, pain is what we have inflicted upon ourselves by doing something not according to the plan of the universal intelligence. That is a reminder that we should correct it, correct our way.

Q: How do parents help children become enlightened?

M: Well just get them initiated and they will get enlightened themselves. Because they have enlightenment within themselves just like the parents do. We are all equal actually.

Q: Is there any universal language, is that sound close to AUM?

M: Universal language is the inner current which unites all things and brings all beings to understand each other without any language. The sound of AUM is the sound of the second level. It is not the only sound, and it’s not the highest sound in the universe.

Q: Why do we need to meditate? What is the advantage? People say that if we don’t meditate, we will have trouble, please explain.

M: Look at our world and answer yourself, look at your state of mind and answer yourself, look at the way you live your life, look at how miserable many of us are and answer yourself why you have to meditate, why you have to have enlightenment. It not my problem, it’s not that anyone has to tell us to get enlightenment, we just have to rescue ourselves and rescue the world.

Of course if you meditate at random as I already mentioned, you will run into trouble. If you tap into the great power, without knowing how to handle it you will run into trouble. If you tap into the wrong side of power and run into negative forces, you’ll have more trouble. Therefore it is best, of course, to have an experienced friend or teacher to help.

The Omnipresent, Great Enlightened One

Q: What’s the difference in the life of an enlightened person and an ordinary person?

M: What’s the difference between Jesus and other priests? He is different. What’s the difference between Buddha and the other monks of His time? He is different. He knows His supreme power, He is one with the universal power. He can do what He wishes, save whom He wants to save, know what He wants to know, lacks nothing in life. He is happy wherever He is, He’s omnipresent, He can help whomever calls on Him. That is the difference between an enlightened person and not enlightened person.

Q: Can one have enlightenment by just listening to the inner sound?

M: Sure, that is the enlightenment itself to some degree, until you recover your complete wisdom.


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