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Environmental Protection
*Master’s Words
*Rescue the Earth by Protecting the Environment
*Economizing to Avoid Running Short
*Leading a Frugal Life
*Esteem and Protect Mother Nature
*Save the Ozone Layer!
*Combining Science and Vision to Progressively Eliminate the World’s Energy Problems

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Environmental Protection

We deplete the Earth because we raise cattle and animals. Actually, this is another way we can contribute to our planet. You know all this; you read more books than I ever can imagine-about vegetarianism, about how to save our world, about environmental love and all kinds of things. And the vegetarian diet is the answer to all of these questions. Our earth is collapsing because we eat too much meat. Actually, we have to put it that way. Roughly speaking, it’s like that. You read the newspapers more than I do; you watch television more than I ever do. I don’t watch television.

But you know that every minute, every year, we cut down forests as big as England just to raise animals. So how many rain forests have been destroyed? This changes the atmosphere and changes the rain. That’s why our planet is heating up, and many places are having problems with floods and drought for long periods, even in America.

So if we want to save the planet, if we want to preach environmental care, we should be vegetarian. There’s no other thing to do. And that is just a small thing compared to all the vaccinations and all the pure water used for meat and things like that. You know better than I do. I don’t want to preach to you about the things that you already read in newspapers and magazines and watch on television every day. I am just reminding you of a small portion of it. But the harmful effects of the meat diet are larger than life, not only that — to so many things, and harmful to ourselves.

From “Vegetarianism and Environmental Protection”
News 123, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hawaii, USA
September 3, 1994
(originally in English)

Try to use more solar power or any form of green energy. Go in groups by car and the like, cut down on unnecessary use of fuel, gas and electricity whenever possible, use economical light bulbs etc. (with the same or greater brightness).

News 154, Master’s Reminders

Master’s Words
Rescue the Earth by Protecting the Environment
Economizing to Avoid Running Short
Leading a Frugal Life
Esteem and Protect Mother Nature

Save the Ozone Layer!

Combining Science and Vision to Progressively Eliminate
the World’s Energy Problems


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