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Q: I’ve just heard that one of the issues at the retreat was the Golden Age. I’m interested because I write music and songs about normal life and also very much feel the need to write songs about how spirituality influences life. And I’d like to know because I can feel it starting in a lot of places.

M: It could be true. If people start to go back more to God, come more to a spiritual awareness and lessen the karma of killing, like following a vegetarian diet and keeping the precepts from the Bible, the Buddhist scriptures or other scriptures, the Golden Age will come soon. In such a society, people don’t fear each other but love and help each other. That’s the Golden Age.

But on the other hand, a Golden Age starts within ourselves anytime we find God, when we find a brotherhood within humankind. For example, our group feels that we’re in the Golden Age. And when the Buddha was alive, His disciples felt they were in the Golden Age. So when the Buddha spoke of the five hundred years after his Nirvana, He was referring to it as the decline of the Golden Age or the decline of the Dharma. But that doesn’t mean it ended right there. It ends according to that time, but then another Dharma Age starts all the time. Every time we have a living Master and a true teaching and we can get in touch with our Golden Age inside, we’re in a Golden Age. You feel it because you have the Golden Age within you.

From “When You Find God, a Golden Age is Born”
News 151, Selected Questions and Answers
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Europe four-day Retreat in London, UK
August 27, 1997
(Originally in English) Videotape #595

This world has entered the Golden Age! The Golden Age is for spiritually advanced people to live in; the unsuitable ones will be gradually eliminated. That’s why you will see the occurrence of more and more diseases that had previously been unheard of.

It’s clear that, in the world, if there’s no plague, there will be war; if there’s no war, there will be natural disasters or storms; it’s all because of our immoral actions; the karma is too heavy and the collective karma is too great! Therefore, if such collective karma can’t be erased by the death of one or two persons, it will become an infectious disease that can eliminate a great number of people. Life in this world is unreliable. We can’t rely on medicine all the time and sometimes even medicine can’t save us in time.

God is very clever; Hes doesn’t just let us have the diseases we already know about but creates new diseases so that we’ll be forever running behind Hirm. We think we’re very civilized, but the King of Karmic law is even smarter. He can catch us as he likes, and we’re unable to react very quickly! We may die as soon as we have a high fever, and it will be too late to call a doctor. The doctor is also helpless and may be infected by the same disease.

If those patients get this disease because their time is up, their karma is due, they may also go. But there’s no guarantee going like this; those who don’t practice the Quan Yin Method may not be saved in time if they go suddenly, and their souls will have nothing to rely on. We’ll die sooner or later, but it’s safest to have the “All-powerful Insurance Company” to rely on when we die. (Audience laughs and applauds.) Truly, we feel very secure when we practice the Quan Yin Method. Even if we have a disease, we’re not anxious, as we know there will be no problem. Our soul seems to be very calm and peaceful and we don’t know why we feel so peaceful and restful, but our wisdom, our soul knows, and we feel great!

From “The Best Antidote for an Epidemic — The Quan Yin Method”
News 144, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Pingtung, Formosa • November 2, 1988
(Originally in Chinese) Videotape #15

The more we develop this world, the more Heavens there will be. We will create a new Heaven. It is just like when we go to a very deserted land with no water or trees, and we begin to dig wells, and we plant trees, vegetables, etc. We make a useless wasteland become a fertile, green, beautiful place. Then we create a new park, a new garden or new living quarters that otherwise had not been there. It did not exist before we came. And from a lousy place, with all kinds of shrubs and thorny bushes growing all over, we make living quarters, a small paradise.

That’s how we better the world. Similarly, we will do it on a greater or larger scale. As we move along spiritually, we will move along in helping the world, in beautifying the environment and helping with the poor and the needy. We have to help the whole world, not only one nation. And that is our vision of the future.

From “A Grand Vision”
News 123, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Hsihu Center, Formosa • April 10, 1992
(Originally in English)

Q: Everything I read says that we are entering a millennium of harmony, peace, and prosperity.

M: Yes.

Q: Can we give people a word of encouragement about the good things to come? In fact, we can even use the bad things that have happened as an opportunity for growth.

M: Every opportunity is an opportunity for growth. Every millennium is a golden millennium. It depends on what we feel inside, and how we see the world outside. When we develop our wisdom eye, we see things differently. Every age is a golden age. If it’s not, we are not developed spiritually, and every age is a dark age. No problem. For us, the golden millennium is already here.

From “Develop The Wisdom Eye To Understand The World”
News 95, Selected Questions and Answers
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
International 5-day Retreat, Long Beach, California, USA • December 29, 1996
(Originally in English)

Many decades ago, when I wasn’t on this “job” yet, I read in the newspaper that, one day, people would be able to talk together and even see each other’s picture through the telephone. So this is what we have; the prediction came true. And soon we’ll have much more exciting news. I’m not sure how we’re going to realize it. But a lot of things you already know, like when I told you about the other planets where people don’t need to carry babies in the mother’s womb.

In this world, we’ll have the same thing. It won’t take long. The technical advances are so awesome that we have no time to even catch our breath before something changes again! In Japan, I heard that they’ve already developed a kind of box in which they put some liquid that corresponds to the natural liquid inside a mother’s womb when she’s pregnant with a baby. And they’ll try to raise the baby that way.

So maybe in the future, if you want to have ten babies, it’ll be no problem. (Laughter) For nine months, you can come see the baby every weekend or every day, whenever you have time, even after work. They can even make the shape of the baby, the way he or she looks, and choose the sex and whatever. It’s very exciting; we’re catching up with the advances of the higher planetary systems.

And right now we’re also using laser and light to heal patients. Remember, in one of my earliest lectures in Formosa ? at that time, I didn’t even speak Chinese well ? we mentioned the light therapy used on other, more advanced planets. Those scientists have been born on this planet now, and they’re bringing their treasured memories with them. So they’re making our planet a better place in which to live, as far as physical comfort is concerned.

And also, maybe soon, or not very far in the future ? we’re talking about years only ? we’ll probably have flying cars and so on. And it’ll probably be easier to see each other, with less traffic congestion. And we’ll have a faster commuting service.

All of this is very exciting for me, too (referring to Her view of Centers in a worldwide conference). Seeing your pictures right here, thousands of miles apart, is really good. So, it’s because we’re also practicing very well, thanks to you, all the beautiful, lovely, happy yogis. (Applause) All of this has to do with us. So as much as I’m excited about this news, I also want to thank you and many other groups of practitioners. Maybe they don’t belong to our group, but they’re also doing their meditation on the Light and Sound, or maybe some other less advanced techniques. But they’re trying their best to contact God. And that’s how we uplift the ambience of this planet.

And so, because the planetary vibrational frequencies have been lifted up into the higher levels, those highly developed scientists from the higher planets are able to reincarnate into our world with less suffering, without losing much of their memory about where they came from. And hence we have such wonderful advances in technology nowadays, thanks to you.

This is beautiful. So we should continue to practice, even if we’re not scientists or computer wizards or anything. But as long as we meditate diligently, to purify ourselves, our aura, our environment, we indirectly contribute to the progress of our planet. And that’s really the great contribution we can make to our society. This is wonderful. So all the things you enjoy right now are not only the labor of the scientists and the laboratory people, but also the fruit of your own spiritual endeavor.

It’s so wonderful to see the outcome of spiritual practice. You see how we didn’t have anything before! And suddenly, in just one-and-a-half decades, everything has developed and we even have a hard time keeping track of our technical developments. But you can see the difference.

So this is a practical outcome of our spiritual practice. It’s not just spiritual enlightenment, it’s not just individual happiness and blissfulness, it’s worldly development as well. We’re catching up with Heaven. We’re catching up with the more exciting and more advanced planets. Can you imagine? And soon, if we live that long, we’re going to be traveling to other galaxies, other planetary systems live: not just sending a robot, not just going to Mars to pick up some dirt, but going to some populated and spiritually advanced planets to say hello. And we can even teach from here; we can even say hello from here. And we can see each other from zillions of miles away, light years away. We can say hello then like we’re saying hello to each other right now. Won’t that be wonderful? (Yes!)

So keep on your Golden Path and never doubt for one second. You’re on the right track. I guarantee it. (Applause)

From “We Are Catching Up with Heaven”
News 138, Master’s Words
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Videoconference with the Houston Center, USA • July 28, 2002
(Originally in English)

The age of our world has changed, and we are beginning to live in another kind of atmosphere where many more people will be enlightened, and peace will be more accessible to humankind. And let’s hope that in future generations all the rulers of Earth will not rule with armed force but with wisdom and love because all men are brothers. The different countries are different rooms, which the whole family has the right to share with each other, and to live in with each other in harmony.

As long as the majority of us are not enlightened and not using the super wisdom within us to take care of the world and to do everything, whether big or small, our world will not become what we dream or what we expect it to become. Therefore, the future of the world is in our hands; it’s not only in the hands of the political figures of any great nation. Please remember that even if there is one great king who rules the whole planet, who has great wisdom like that of Solomon or King David of old, if the whole masses of people are swimming in ignorance, he can’t do much.

It’s because in this age many people have become enlightened, and use their wisdom to bless the world or to enlighten their neighbors. And one will lead to the others, and then soon many, many more, and the majority of the people will be living in the wisdom of their birthright, and using it to bless the world, to make it become Heaven. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how much we try with our limited knowledge of books, or of experience in our field, we can only do a very small amount of service to humankind.

From “Enlightenment is Essential for the Advancement of Humanity”
News 165, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Seattle, Washington, USA • April 7, 1993
(Originally in English) Videotape #348

What makes one country have a higher consciousness than another? First, the government must be wise; they must let good influences come to their land and be willing to learn and sacrifice for the people. They should show the people good examples and learn more from wise persons and develop their own wisdom more thoroughly. Therefore, since ancient times, for many, many thousands of years, great kings have been worshiped by people and beloved by all. Their names are engraved in the heart of the universe. And if the governmental system is good, the people feel freer and more at ease. They look for a higher value of life because their material side is satisfied; their life security is being looked after.

It takes more to be wise than just looking after people materially, but that is one of the starting points. Then when we’re open to all kinds of good influences, wisdom will come to our land; blessings will flow forth into our country. We will feel better and better because the people are united and in one heart to develop the country and to bless the nation. In some countries, the policy is too restrictive and even wise people or good people can hardly enter. Because they fear criminals and so on, they also make restrictions on wise and good or saintly people. Then, even though our country is much developed materially, we can hardly keep it very long because we lack the blessing from God.

From “Being Open to God’s Grace Uplifts a Country’s Consciousness”
News 165, Pearls of Wisdom
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Singapore • March 8, 1993
(Originally in English) Videotape #327

So, from ancient times, good and wise governments always bring happiness and prosperity to the people. And in return, people respect them, and that’s what makes the country peaceful and prosperous. We don’t need to use guns and power or anything; we just use love and respect for each other, and the country will bloom. But it takes wise people to rule the country, and it takes wise people to accept a ruler who is wise so that both cooperate with each other and bring their country into being one of the top in the world.

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, or sometimes does something that we don’t like. But it’s OK. We also do a lot of mistakes! But we change and we make it better, by practicing meditation, by upholding virtues and abiding by the natural law. Also, by taking care of our own family’s moral, and spiritual progress, we contribute more and more each day to the development and peacefulness of the country. And in that case, we get better and better each day because we already have a high standard, and people who live in a high standard of life and discipline are more or less already very spiritual.

The government also: If it is wise and compassionate and loving to the people and truly dedicated to the nation, it is already more or less very spiritual inside. Maybe the ruling people came from a higher planet so they already have love and wisdom within themselves, to come here just to help the people. So they are also Saints in some degree.

If you also understand this and cooperate and make the country prosper through discipline and morality, then you are also Saints in some degree, or very spiritual people. Even before you met me, even before you practiced the Light and Sound method, you were already spiritual. But by starting from that high level of spirituality, we progress quicker than any other country or maybe other race of human being. So it is not good enough just to have money and power. If we have spiritual power also, this is complete. It is more satisfying and long lasting.

From “Spiritual Power Brings Prosperity to Our Nations”
News 165, Master’s Words
Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Singapore • March 6, 1993
(Originally in English) Videotape #325


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