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News 166, Master’s Words

Help to Keep Our “Spaceship” Earth in a Powerful Position

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Columbia University, New York, USA • November 3, 1989
(Originally in English) videotape# 102A

Our planet is a very beautiful, ‘spaceship’. We can say ‘spaceship,’ which carries a lot of sentient beings in mid air and circles around. Our planet gives us much comfort and joy, gives us countless treasures, and sustains our lives through many ways and means. But then we also have a little duty towards our Mother Earth, to help her to remain in such a powerful position so that she may be able to help us.

In order to put our society back in a pleasurable condition, we should also observe certain precepts and mutual respect and understanding. The way most of the people live their lives is harmful to themselves and harmful to other beings - visible and invisible. If we do not believe in the invisible existence of other beings, at least we believe in the existence of our own race, humanity, and all the animals who are the citizens of the Earth. Lately, there is kind of fashion, that people are becoming vegetarian; and that is a good tendency, because as we know, everything carries energy. Every action is registered. Nothing is lost, as far as we can prove by science. So if we have caused some violent condition, then the violent atmosphere will hang around us or our planet and that causes some disasters. That’s why we always wonder, “How come there are so many wars?”, “How come so many earthquakes, so many disasters are befalling our planet?” Now there is nothing from nothing. The Bible states very clearly: As you sow, so shall you reap.

Everything we do affects everyone in this world and the next. Every religion mentions to us that all things, all beings are one in essence. Just like our body has many parts. If our hands hurt, it affects our whole body also. Just because the universal body is so great, and we the many beings in this great body cannot understand, cannot see the whole universal body, so we may not believe that our actions concern any other beings. Should we develop the kind of Celestial Eye, Wisdom Eye, we would see this for ourselves that we are indeed connected with all beings; and then we would be very careful about what we do. Jesus Christ and Buddha had developed this kind of Eye of Wisdom. Therefore they knew what the laws of the universe are; what to do in order to beautify our world, also to make our lives more pleasant, more comfortable and more suitable to our taste. Therefore they laid down the rules from the heavenly abode, about our behavior and the direction we should take in our daily living. These rules are very valuable, what we call precepts or the commandments of God.

If we keep the precepts, we’d be nice to our neighbor, we’d love our enemies, etcetera, then the world would be in peace, be a nice place to live in, and would endure much more longevity. So if our world is peaceful, it would also affect our lives and we would also feel very peaceful. If we live in a house and the house is damaged or in not good condition, then our health and our comfort would be affected. Similarly, if we live in the world full of chaos and trouble, we’d have no peace. So to help the world is to help ourselves.


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