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News 138, Master’s Words

We Are Catching Up with Heaven

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Videoconference with the Houston Center, USA • July 28, 2002
(Originally in English)

Many decades ago, when I wasn’t on this “job” yet, I read in the newspaper that, one day, people would be able to talk together and even see each other’s picture through the telephone. So this is what we have; the prediction came true. And soon we’ll have much more exciting news. I’m not sure how we’re going to realize it. But a lot of things you already know, like when I told you about the other planets where people don’t need to carry babies in the mother’s womb.

In this world, we’ll have the same thing. It won’t take long. The technical advances are so awesome that we have no time to even catch our breath before something changes again! In Japan, I heard that they’ve already developed a kind of box in which they put some liquid that corresponds to the natural liquid inside a mother’s womb when she’s pregnant with a baby. And they’ll try to raise the baby that way.

So maybe in the future, if you want to have ten babies, it’ll be no problem. (Laughter) For nine months, you can come see the baby every weekend or every day, whenever you have time, even after work. They can even make the shape of the baby, the way he or she looks, and choose the sex and whatever. It’s very exciting; we’re catching up with the advances of the higher planetary systems.

And right now we’re also using laser and light to heal patients. Remember, in one of my earliest lectures in Formosa ? at that time, I didn’t even speak Chinese well ? we mentioned the light therapy used on other, more advanced planets. Those scientists have been born on this planet now, and they’re bringing their treasured memories with them. So they’re making our planet a better place in which to live, as far as physical comfort is concerned.

And also, maybe soon, or not very far in the future ? we’re talking about years only ? we’ll probably have flying cars and so on. And it’ll probably be easier to see each other, with less traffic congestion. And we’ll have a faster commuting service.

All of this is very exciting for me, too (referring to Her view of Centers in a worldwide conference). Seeing your pictures right here, thousands of miles apart, is really good. So, it’s because we’re also practicing very well, thanks to you, all the beautiful, lovely, happy yogis. (Applause) All of this has to do with us. So as much as I’m excited about this news, I also want to thank you and many other groups of practitioners. Maybe they don’t belong to our group, but they’re also doing their meditation on the Light and Sound, or maybe some other less advanced techniques. But they’re trying their best to contact God. And that’s how we uplift the ambience of this planet.

And so, because the planetary vibrational frequencies have been lifted up into the higher levels, those highly developed scientists from the higher planets are able to reincarnate into our world with less suffering, without losing much of their memory about where they came from. And hence we have such wonderful advances in technology nowadays, thanks to you.

This is beautiful. So we should continue to practice, even if we’re not scientists or computer wizards or anything. But as long as we meditate diligently, to purify ourselves, our aura, our environment, we indirectly contribute to the progress of our planet. And that’s really the great contribution we can make to our society. This is wonderful. So all the things you enjoy right now are not only the labor of the scientists and the laboratory people, but also the fruit of your own spiritual endeavor.

It’s so wonderful to see the outcome of spiritual practice. You see how we didn’t have anything before! And suddenly, in just one-and-a-half decades, everything has developed and we even have a hard time keeping track of our technical developments. But you can see the difference.

So this is a practical outcome of our spiritual practice. It’s not just spiritual enlightenment, it’s not just individual happiness and blissfulness, it’s worldly development as well. We’re catching up with Heaven. We’re catching up with the more exciting and more advanced planets. Can you imagine? And soon, if we live that long, we’re going to be traveling to other galaxies, other planetary systems live: not just sending a robot, not just going to Mars to pick up some dirt, but going to some populated and spiritually advanced planets to say hello. And we can even teach from here; we can even say hello from here. And we can see each other from zillions of miles away, light years away. We can say hello then like we’re saying hello to each other right now. Won’t that be wonderful? (Yes!)

So keep on your Golden Path and never doubt for one second. You’re on the right track. I guarantee it. (Applause)


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