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Reaching a New Era of Universal Consciousness

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Malaysia • February 25, 1992
(Originally in Chinese) Videotape #218

As a Chinese saying goes, “We need to cultivate ourselves, harmonize our families, before we can govern the country and bring peace to the world.” When this Enlightened Master spoke on “bringing peace to the world,” most probably he was referring only to China, and not the whole world in a broader sense. Nevertheless, we can now extend its definition further, for all the countries on Earth can now communicate and engage in exchanges. I believe that one day this communication and exchange will no longer be limited to countries, but will be extended to other planets as well. We ought to expand our thinking and we must start preparing now. Otherwise, when the time comes, we, or our children, will be caught unprepared.

When I was little, I had a great dream, a great aspiration. I wished that when I grew up, some immortals or Heavenly beings would descend to teach me and open up my wisdom, and that they would teach me how to fly to Heaven and then fly back. I don’t know why I had such an aspiration when I was little, but my dream eventually came true! Therefore, it’s also good that we sometimes have dreams and aspirations. If we’re truly sincere and focus our thoughts on that wish, one day it will come true. The Americans also have a proverb that goes: “If you don’t have a dream, how will you have a dream come true?”

Preparing to be a Member of the Galaxy Federation

Therefore, we should be mentally prepared now. Perhaps one day we will have a kind of inter-planetary hierarchy. This isn’t just a dream; I have faith that it will come true one day. As to when that will be, it depends on how well we Earthlings prepare ourselves, and when the other planets want to communicate with us. In fact, they started to communicate with us long ago. For example, UFOs and beings from several stellar systems have been appearing for a very long time, but they’re still very cautious. If we were capable of communicating with them, they would teach us some superior knowledge.

Some people are capable of communicating with other planets. Sometimes they write books or make movies about it. Extra-Terrestrials from other planets may sometimes want to come and communicate with us, but they’re afraid of us, because we Earthlings are rather unfriendly and barbarous. If we were to give a thought to what happened to Jesus before, we would acknowledge this comment as being true. However, instead of blaming ourselves, we should try to find out what we need to rectify.

First of all, we need to broaden our thinking until it encompasses the whole universe, instead of just thinking about our family and country. We’re humans, “the masters of all beings in Creation.” As such, our thinking ought to be very broad and vast, to deserve our status as the masters of all beings in Creation. Perhaps we still don’t understand why we’re so great, and why we’re the masters of all beings in Creation. However, we still need to start changing our thinking, broaden our thinking. There’s no harm in having some sensational or incredible dreams; perhaps one day they’ll come true.

How are we going to change our thinking? We can read some good scriptures, and learn broadminded thinking and the spirit of pursuing spiritual practice from them. Besides, we can listen to people’s lectures. Some people are very good spiritual practitioners; they’re capable of communicating with sentient beings in numerous worlds. For instance, when Shakyamuni Buddha was alive, He knew of many different realms, different planets. That’s why we have the relevant scriptures with us today. For example, the Amitabha Sutra describes the Amitabha Buddha’s World. Others like the Universal Door Chapter in the Lotus Sutra also depict many other realms. In our time, there are also many people who do the same as Shakyamuni Buddha did; they’re capable of travelling the universe instead of just round the world.

Can you imagine that two or three hundred years ago, people were not even aware that the American continent existed? Today America has become one of the superpowers in the world, having influence over the whole world. However, she did not even exist several hundred years ago! Unlike modern people, people of that time did not have so many convenient machines like the airplane, fax machine, telephone, video recorder, camera, and so on. However, in a short span of time, the Americans have founded their own nation, built and developed it, and educated their citizens. In no time at all, they have transformed into the number one or number two super power in the world. In only a few hundred years, the Americans have achieved so much. Can you imagine what more stunning things will happen on our Earth in the next few decades or next few centuries? Therefore, the Inter-Planetary Hierarchy that I talked about just now may not be merely a dream.

Columbus was the hero who discovered America. Some time before that, he had seen America in inner visions; he knew it in advance. However, he couldn’t reveal to others that he had seen the land where he was heading; therefore, some people thought he was crazy at the time. In their small ship, and without sufficient food, they just sailed across the ocean on a seemingly uncertain course. In fact, Columbus had already seen everything in a dream. However, at that time, if he had told people that he had seen it in a dream, and that they would definitely find it, surely most people wouldn’t have believed him.

In fact, many people then were sceptical. When they were about to reach America, there was no more food on the ship. They had to eat the leather soles of their shoes. The crew members sailing with Columbus were very angry, blaming him for leading them on a course to death. They didn’t believe in the existence of the new continent of America, and almost killed Columbus. Facing such a predicament, Columbus remained patient and confident. It’s precisely because of his great patience and confidence that America, a strong country of today, came into being.

The same thing happens to an Enlightened Master who is beginning to disseminate the Truth. Many hindrances, difficulties and humiliations confront him. All of these he has to endure alone. People around him, including his disciples, may not be able to understand his tolerant spirit and painstaking intent. “Everything is most difficult in the beginning.” However, the Truth will eventually shine forth. Therefore, although Jesus Christ was crucified, His teachings and name continue to be passed on. Today, two thousand years later, we still know about His stories.

One day in the future, extra-terrestrials from other planets will appear to us and communicate with us openly. Then we can learn from them and exchange experiences with each other. Therefore, we should now get ourselves ready in body and mind. How do we prepare? We ought to rectify our undesirable lifestyles. Also, if we don’t have enough understanding about the world and the universe, we should begin to research gradually. When we observe the many unfair happenings in the world, we should manage to help and change them.

However, the changes must first begin from ourselves, and the best way to change is for us to connect with the power of God, and let God’s power change us. In this way, we don’t have to worry about doing things the wrong way, or being deceived by our ego. Otherwise, we might think that we’ve changed, when in fact we haven’t. We have to practice introspection. If we find that we still have heavy desires for fame and profit, and heavy greed, anger and infatuation, then we must improve. However, this isn’t easy. Without the power from the enlightened Saints, from God, it’s not easy to change ourselves.

God Is the Greatest Love Power

God truly has great compassion; Hes will give us everything. However, we have to know how to receive it, and we have to wait patiently and believe in God sincerely. And belief alone isn’t enough; we also need to communicate with God. Only when we are in communion with God will we understand what good situations Hes has arranged for us, in what aspects Hes has taken care of us, and what beneficial things Hes has bestowed upon us. Otherwise, even if we’ve prayed sincerely and God has already responded to us, we aren’t aware. Sometimes, Hes might have given us some good stuff, but we’re ignorant and think that it’s not good because it’s not what we expected. And then we blame God for not giving us what we’ve prayed for, which in fact will be bad for us. However, we’re ignorant and don’t understand, so we think God isn’t compassionate and isn’t helping us. I’m saying this from personal experience.

Having practiced the Quan Yin Method, anything that we pray for, as long as it’s good for us, we’ll get sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time. Why does it require time? It’s because God needs to make arrangements. When a person prays for a certain thing, sometimes it’s not purely that thing alone, and also it doesn’t concern him alone, but could involve a lot of people. Therefore, when God wants to arrange something for a certain person, sometimes Hes must first take care of many people related to him. Or the time is not yet right. Should God give it to him too early, it could be bad for him. So, God has to first give it to other people, and give it to him later when the time is right and the situation is ideal. Only then is it good for him.

God truly represents love. If we say God isn’t good, or think that God has created many difficulties and let the world suffer greatly, then we’re doing Hirm a great injustice, and truly misunderstand Hirm. Ever since I’ve known God, Hes has always been very good to me. Hes is my best friend, the best lover, the best husband, the best father, the best mother, and Hes is everything. However, I can’t show you my realization and feelings toward God, and the so-called kinship and love between us. Nevertheless, I know very clearly that Hes is the greatest love power, and the greatest rich man. There’s nothing that’s beneficial to me and other sentient beings that Hes wouldn’t do.

Perhaps someone may ask, if God is the greatest love power, why are there still suffering, difficulties and catastrophes in our world? It’s because we don’t know how to accept God’s grace or communicate with Hirm. We walk in the wrong direction and ask for the wrong thing. I can guarantee that if everyone practiced the Quan Yin Method, the world would have been in peace long ago. It would be just like our group, very peaceful. Even when thousands or tens of thousands of people get together, we’re still quiet. Each of us is doing our own thing, and everyone is very happy and contented; every face is glowing. All of us fulfil our obligations in society. When we play, we play wholeheartedly and joyously. When we work, we also work wholeheartedly and happily.

Most of our fellow practitioners work very fast. Whatever they pray for will definitely be realized. As long as they pray for the right thing, God will definitely give it to them. The same applies to me. But because I seldom pray for anything, I have very little to share with you. However, as for my disciples, almost each of them can write a thick book about their experiences after they practiced the Quan Yin Method and purified themselves throughout their actions, speech and thoughts. Such experiences include how well God treats them and pampers them, how God bestows much grace on them, and so on. On my part, I can only talk about how God helps me in my preaching mission, takes care of my disciples, and helps me bring joy and happiness to many people. Furthermore, Hes also helps me a lot with respect to finances, wisdom and organization. If there were no God, I would be a useless person, and my achievements would be “zero.”

The Way to Accept God’s Grace

Therefore, I would like to introduce to you this gentleman called “God.” Or you may address Hirm as “God Nature” or “Godhead.” Hes is a very nice gentleman, a very nice rich man. If we truly know how to reach Hirm within and ask for Hiers help, Hes will help us in every aspect. Hes will try all kinds of methods to help us, through many people and various situations. Most people only look for God from the outside, so they have not found the real God. Therefore, their prayers aren’t answered. All the teachings and stories that I tell you are the personal experiences of me and my disciples. I don’t get them by reading books or the scriptures. I have already experienced the greatness of God; I have found out where Hes is; I can see Hirm every day. Therefore, I can guarantee that all these things are genuine.

I used to be a Catholic, and had heard of the existence of a God. However, at that time I didn’t admire Hirm because I virtually did not know where Hes had taken care of me. The world that I saw at that time was full of pain and injustice, which made me feel very resentful. I wondered why God didn’t take care of Hiers children, but let them suffer so much instead. Now I understand, but I can’t tell you all that I have comprehended, because language can’t possibly express God’s love. I can only tell you frankly, clearly and definitely that God is absolute love and absolute generosity! Only if we know how to find Hirm and communicate with Hirm, will we have everything. Hes will help us in every way. This is absolutely true!

Suppose, if by standing on one leg or kneeling here all night worshipping God, I could let you realize how I adore God, I would do it. Sometimes I really don’t know how to express my gratitude and joy; I don’t know whom to talk with. Our fellow practitioners can understand, but it also depends on their level. The more advanced fellow practitioners are more able to realize God’s love, because they’ve received God’s infinite blessing. The more they meditate and purify their actions, speech and thoughts and keep a vegetarian diet, and the more strictly they observe the precepts, the more they will be able to perceive God’s love.

It’s not because we’re vegetarians, or because we meditate or think of God that Hes takes care of us. This looks as if we’re bribing God or doing business with Hirm. This isn’t the case! It’s because only after we’ve become vegetarians, observed the precepts and purified our actions, speech and thoughts, will we be able to realize how God has been taking care of us. Previously, we were hoodwinked by all kinds of distracting thoughts. God takes care of us and tells us what to do, but we don’t listen. We head in the opposite direction, toward troubles and complexities. God has been giving us things, but we discard them or let them drain away. When a cup is placed upright, it can hold water inside. But if it’s turned upside down, all the water inside will drain away. Or suppose we were wearing a raincoat, even if we walked outside in the rain for a whole day, we wouldn’t get wet.

God’s love exists forever. It’s always by our side, within and without us; it’s everywhere. However, we cover ourselves up with our preconceived ideas and habits acquired from many lifetimes, and then we say God’s unfair and Hes never blesses us. The truth is that we’ve failed to place the cup upwards. In practicing the Quan Yin Method, it’s as simple as turning an upside-down cup back in the right position! Therefore, from that day onward, we’re always filled with nectar, filled with God’s grace. The method is very simple really, if we only know how to do it.

Those who practice the Quan Yin Method never know what “fatigue” means, except when they’re burdened by the karma of sentient beings. We work a lot but spend very little, because we don’t eat much and don’t sleep much. Every day, we only eat vegetarian food, observe the five precepts and live a simple life. This afternoon, a disciple said to me, “Master, if everyone in our world practices the Quan Yin Method, there will definitely be no war or famine. We’ll work very quickly; we’ll help and trust each other. The world will surely become Heaven!” I agree with him.

Although Quan Yin Method practitioners will get whatever they pray for, we actually seldom pray for anything except in an emergency. We have fewer and fewer desires. We work to earn enough money to spend, and vegetarian food is cheap. Furthermore, in observing the five precepts, we don’t steal or drink alcohol, we don’t snatch other people’s husband or wife, and we don’t abuse drugs. We consume less food than before, our life is simple, and naturally our expenditures shrink. Therefore, we don’t have any financial problems. After finishing our work for the day, we meditate whenever we have time, so we don’t fool around indulging in pleasures or doing bad things. Going home after work, we meditate or join group meditation. Every day we listen to Master’s teachings. We virtually have neither the time nor the intention to do any bad things at all.

However, this is only my dream. Whether it will come true or not still depends on God’s will. If the whole world or at least half the population practices the Quan Yin Method, it can really help the world a lot. Then we can offer support to some outstanding scientists and doctors. Some of them have invented very good tools that can cure people; some tools can even cure all illnesses. However, due to lack of financial support, these tools haven’t been developed. Some scientists have invented very good machines capable of benefitting lots of people in a short time, but they lack support. Conversely, some people are jealous and sabotage their projects, so as to deter their development.

If all people practice the Quan Yin Method and are mutually supportive, contributing to society selflessly, and serving God and humankind wholeheartedly, then everyone will be able to develop his/her talents. The scientists will then invent all kinds of machines to benefit people. The doctors will also come up with many prescriptions and tools to heal all illnesses. In this way, our world will not only be spiritually elevated, but also have many advanced means to cure diseases and make our life comfortable. At that time, we won’t want to go into nirvana at all. This may only be my dream, but it can come true. If I have your blessing, the blessing of all of you, it will definitely be realized!


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